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Posted on: 10 September 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Honda has revealed a concept of its affordable family hybrid car, to be displayed at the Paris Motor Show next month.

The production version goes on sale in Spring 2009, and will be priced significantly lower than any other hybrid car on the market, making petrol-electric technology accessible to more people, according to Honda.

The car will be named Insight, reviving Honda’s name of the 1999 hybrid coupe – the first production hybrid car to be sold in Europe.

Honda Insight Concept“The original Honda Insight launched in 1999, was the pioneer of hybrid technology in Europe and remains an iconic symbol of Honda’s environmental innovation,” says Takeo Fukui, president of the Honda Motor Co.

“This new Insight will also break new ground by providing an affordable hybrid to an expanded number of customers craving great fuel economy and great value.”

A Look At The Insight

  • It will be smaller than the Honda Civic Hybrid
  • The Insight is based on a completely new platform
  • The Insight has a unique function to assist more fuel efficient driving, helping drivers to maximise their real world fuel consumption
  • Honda plan to launch a sporty hybrid, a Jazz Hybrid and a new Civic Hybrid
  • The first Insight was a two-seater hybrid coupe launched in 1999
  • It was the first mass produced hybrid to be sold in Europe
  • Honda sold 17,000 Insights worldwide and 400 cars in Europe
  • A price for the car is yet to be set

What do you think of the new Honda Insight Hybrid car? Would you consider buying a hybrid?

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