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Posted on: 09 July 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

July 2008 is Childhood Memories Month, and you can share your own favourite reminiscences online.

The Children's Society's Hundreds and Thousands of Childhood Memories campaign is celebrating treasured memories in July and asking the public to share a good experience or moment from their early years.

"Dad's office was throwing a Christmas party for the employees' kids and there was a tree surrounded by presents. On a label hanging from the handlebars of a bicycle, was my name - HARRY! I told my Dad. His reply was devastating. “How do you know it's yours”, he said. “You're not the only boy here whose name is Harry." Later on as Father Christmas gave out the gifts, it seemed forever before he got to the bicycle. “This is for Harry,” he said. Long pause..."Harry Webb!" It was my best Christmas ever!"

Cliff Richard

From your first chopper bike to family trips by the seaside, any good memory will do.

It seems that many of our best childhood experiences have been lost to today's generation.  According to a recent report by UNICEF, the wellbeing of children in the UK is worse than in any other developed country. 

British children have less positive relationships with friends and family and are more likely to become involved in risky behaviour. The UK has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy and our young people are more likely to experiment with drink and drugs.

All the memories gathered by the Society will contribute to The Good Childhood Inquiry, the UK's first independent inquiry into what makes a good childhood.

“One of my earliest childhood memories is of course my first ever day’s fishing. My Granddad took me. I was just four years old, I caught a fish, dropped his rod and fell in the river. All in all, it was pretty typical of most of the fishing days I‘ve spent since!”

Chris Tarrant

Many celebrities have already left theirs, including Sir Terry Wogan, Bill Bailey, Nick Faldo, George Michael, Alex Kingston, Theo Paphitis, Zoe Wanamaker and Amanda Holden, to name a few.

The event runs for a month and is for the entire British public to get involved online. The more memories received, the more The Children's Society can learn about what makes a good childhood.

What's Your Favourite Memory?

"My favourite memory was the first time my mum bought me a bubble blower. I must have been the happiest girl in the world that day. I was all over those bubbles like a moth to a flame."

Coronation Street actress Debra Stephenson, pictured

You can also share your favourite childhood memory or any good times in the comment box or 50connect forum.

We know that many of you enjoy spending time with your grandchildren, so why not let us know what you do with them to make your time together special.

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