Shutting the gate after the expenses have bolted

Posted on: 04 February 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

Is Gordon Brown's electoral reform announcement just another attempt to dodge the expenses row bullet?

Today (at 10am 4/2/10) the report on the clawing back of MP’s expenses will be published. We, as voters, should raise a large cheer! Or should we? 

The report to investigate and adjudicate over the miss-claimed expenses (remember the floating duck house?) has cost the taxpayer £1.3 million pounds! Guess how much money has been recovered under the appeal process - £1 million!

How much longer will the poor old taxpayer get screwed and screwed and screwed by these incompetents! What world do they live in certainly - not the same one you and I share.

To make matters worse Gordon Brown yesterday had the effrontery to stand up in Parliament and argue the case for reviewing the voting system for the general elections. Tony Blair, when tackled on this issue by David Cameron replied saying ‘I’ll never get it past Gordon!’. So what’s changed – well the very good chance of Labour losing the election! A different voting system might sort that.

In his argument to defend this new position the Prime Minister said that the Tory’s hadn’t grasped the fact that the voter had lost faith in the system. Well he was certainly right there but pray, who has presided over the system for the past 10 years – Gordon Brown and the Labour Party!

Does the voting system need changing – yes! It is mad that 25% of the adult population can appoint the government in this country. But it is not right that our ‘let’s cling on to power anyway we can’ Prime Minister abuses democracy for his own sad ends! The sooner he’s gone the better. That doesn’t necessarily mean I  want a Tory or Liberal government – I just want one that doesn’t include Gordon Brown in any way whatsoever! Let the best party win.

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