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Posted on: 31 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Are you new to cruise holidays? Then read on and see why you should try this increasingly popular holiday.

Over 90% of people who take a cruise for the first time will go on a cruise again so that certainly says something about how good a holiday this is. And it really is. You've got all of the facilities of a classy hotel at your beck and call.

There's also excellent dining and entertainment available, just as if you were staying in the West End of London.

Best of all, depending on the cruise itinerary you've chosen, you'll wake up to a brand new port of call - or even a brand new country - every single day.

On a cruise ship, it seems as if you don't travel to your destination; your destination comes to you.

No Fuss, No Formality

Sky Travel Carnival Liberty in VeniceSo, by now, you're probably thinking, "dress for breakfast, dress for day, dress for dinner, dress for evening". These days nothing could be further from the truth.

There are cruises for all sorts of people.

Sure, you can experience the timeless elegance of cruise lines like Cunard and Holland America, but there are just as many companies that provide an informal, let-your-hair-down type of holiday, where informality is the name of the game.

Carnival Cruise Lines, for example, prides itself on shipboard fun, enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere.

It's an American cruise line that has perfected the art of an informal holiday, packed with things to do and enjoy, from waking up with a bit of exercise - or perhaps a large cooked breakfast! - to sunbathing, games, dancing, stage shows, bars, casinos, onboard shopping, spa treatments, cafes, restaurants and cinema.

On top of all that, you'll have some great ports of call to explore along the way.

Top Value For Money

Sky Travel restaurant onboard the CenturyTalk to anyone who's been on a cruise and they'll talk about the great value for money.

So much is included in a cruise package; generally, all of your meals, accommodation, onboard activities, evening shows, and all of that fantastic service.

In fact, it's probably only your drinks that'll you'll find the need to pay for.

What's more, you don't have to book guided excursions in port, you can simply explore under your own steam, if you prefer.

Giving It A Go

Sky Travel spa facilities on board Costa CruisesSo, how do you try out a cruise if you're interested, but feeling unsure? Choose a short itinerary, sailing close to home. That way, you've not made a big commitment in terms of cost, or time away. If it turns out that it's not for you, no great loss.

What you'll probably find, though, like over 90% of the other passengers on board with you, is that you'll be back for more.

With this much fun to be had, who wouldn't be?

Want to find out more?

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