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Posted on: 01 October 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

October brings a wealth of must-see TV on Sky.

Noel's Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old?

The quiz show that tests the nation's adults on subjects spanning the school's National Curriculum continues to embarrass grown-ups as they admit to not being smarter than a 10 year old.

Thursdays at 8pm Sky1 and Sky1 HD

War On Knives

Sky1 joins forces with police forces across the country to launch a series of campaigning programmes, presented by June Sarpong and Donal MacIntyre, addressing the menace of knife crime in the UK.

Tuesday 14th October and Tuesday 21st October, time to be confirmed, Sky1 and Sky1 HD

Hairspray: The School Musical

Sky1's musical extravaganza reaches its spectacular finale, as the kids from an ordinary comprehensive school perform in London's West End in a theatre packed with their family, friends and celebrities.

Sunday 19th October at 6pm Sky1 and Sky1 HD

Tim Marlow On Bacon

Popular art historian and broadcaster Tim Marlow provides an exclusive and inviting tour of the Tate Britain's eagerly anticipated Francis Bacon exhibition.

Monday 20th October at 7.30pm Sky Arts 1

Lorraine Kelly's DNA Stories

lorraine_kelly_200x153This fascinating series exposes the truth behind family relationships through DNA testing. It provides the answers, the irrefutable facts of who is, or is not, related to whom.

From Monday 20th October at 9pm Sky Real Lives and Sky Real Lives HD

Toy Boys

This is an amusing, informative documentary, about the fun that can be had by women in the defining moment in their lives, who are getting out there and enjoying themselves.

Monday 20th October at 10pm Sky Real Lives and Sky Real Lives HD

MET Opera Season

A treat for all opera fans, in the first of a brand new series of operas from the New York MET, kicking off with Romeo and Juliet in its full HD glory.

Monday 20th October at 8pm on Sky Arts 2

Suggs' Italian Job

Join Madness frontman Suggs on a unique journey through Italy, to uncover the places, stories and people that define it as the cultural heart and soul of Europe in his brand new series Suggs' Italian Job.

Tuesday 21st October at 7pm Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts HD

Queen Rock Montreal

Freddie and co perform a blistering set of hits, including We Will Rock You and Bohemian Rhapsody, in front of an 18,000 strong crowd at Montreal's Forum, in this stunning concert film.

Wednesday 22nd October at 9pm Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts HD

Classical Music Season with Vanessa Mae

vanessa_mae_200x153Multi talented violinist Vanessa Mae counts down the nation's best loved pieces of classical music in a new ten part series.

Tuesday 24th October at 8pm Sky Arts 2 and selected programmes on Sky Arts HD


Art Rocks

iggy_pop_200x153A brand new series looking at the hidden artistic talents of music icons such as Moby, Graham Nash, George Clinton, Dave Stewart and Iggy Pop.

Saturday 25th October at 8.30pm Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts HD


The Forgotten Painter - Edward Seago

Selina Scott charts the life of Edward Seago, one of Britain's best known and most widely collected twentieth century artists in a new four-part, high-definition series.

Sunday 26th October at 7.30pm Sky Arts 2 and Sky Arts HD

The Book Show

mariella_frostrup_200x153Mariella Frostrup returns with a new series of her literary show featuring a selection of writers, novelists discussing their inspiration, influences and latest literary work.

Sunday 26th October at 7pm Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts HD
Friday 24th October at 4pm Sky Arts 2 and Sky Arts HD


N.B. Listings correct as of 26th September 2008.

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