Sun Spots Are A Warning Sign

Posted on: 03 November 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Don't put your skin 'at Ri-SK' this winter

According to the Passenger Shipping Association it is predicted that 1.5 million people will holiday on a cruise ship in 2008, with the average British passenger age 50 and over.

Before you start dreaming of warm, sunny days and cocktails on the deck, don't forget to think about how important it is to look after your skin and to take precautions to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Did you know that sea foam reflects up to 25 per cent of UV rays?

Most often skin damage occurs on parts of the body that are repeatedly exposed to the sun, such as the neck, face, tips of the ears, hands, forearms, shoulders, and back. So even just walking on the deck without protection could put you at risk of over exposure to the sun.

Solar keratosis (SK), sometimes referred to as 'sun spots', are a sign of sun damage. These commonly occurring marks can appear as small raised rough patches or bumps - often pink, red or brown in colour - which develop on the skin as a result of cumulative sun exposure and burning over many years.

Unfortunately these skin lesions are often ignored, even though in some cases they can lead to skin cancer.

If you notice any unusual marks on your skin, don’t be frightened to seek advice from your GP.

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Well renowned media medic and GP, Dr Rob Hicks advises, "It is currently not possible to tell which solar keratoses will develop into skin cancer but solar keratosis is one of the most treatable forms of sun damage so consult your GP immediately if you are concerned about anything."

"There are currently various treatments for solar keratosis, including topical gels, freezing and scraping off the skin lesion."

For more information please visit The website provides quick and easy access to information about solar keratosis and the signs of sun damage as well as highlighting the risks caused by excessive sun exposure.

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