Swine flu: Cameron picks up £1.2 billion vaccine bill

Posted on: 03 July 2010 by George Pamplin

A new government inquiry has recently found the true cost of the Swine flu scare.

Swine flu, remember that? The new government has now just ascertained the cost to the taxpayer for all the vaccines that the Department of Health bought and it comes to the princely sum of £1.2billion! Quite a good deal for the drug companies but bad hardly a bargain for the UK taxpayer. In total they ordered 90 million doses for the UK – but we only have 61 million people living here. Maybe they thought we’d need some spares.

Cameron and Co should make a speedy audit of the negotiating skill set in the Department of Health and any other ministries, ie Defense, because they seem pretty poor if this incident is the norm. The drug companies must have thought Christmas had come early. I bet as they left the meeting when they got the order they said under their breathe - ‘Suckers!’.

Apparently we are going to send all the spare drugs to some poor state in Africa. No doubt we’ll send the virus as well so they have a reason to vaccinate everyone! It’s a mad, mad world we live in.

Come on Mr Cameron – kick someone very hard and stop this sort of thing happening again.

‘Don’t go down the mines my boy’– choice would be a fine thing!

There are 70,000 graduates on the dole or in menial work, who have cost the nation billions of pounds to educate. Why can’t someone in government seize the chance and deploy these young people in the community or public sector doing something that could be useful to their future careers, after all that is they trained for. Either way it’s going to cost money so we might as well get some benefit from them. At least they’d get some real life experience rather than taking part time work in the local KFC. I’m sure they would prefer doing something interesting that prepares them for the job market when the economy has an upswing. Come on let’s have some lateral thinking?

App(ropriate) ?

Do you know what an App is? Apparently it’s the little ‘gizmo’ of software that goes in a smart phone. For the Apple iPhone there are estimated to be more than 200,000 different apps. Now can somebody explain to me how on earth you make your choices? I imagine it would take weeks just to sort through them to fine the one you want. Now a really clever thing would be for someone to write and app to sort them ...

The ‘Cuts’ are biting!

The British Museum in London has started the first public bleating about how difficult it will be to manage on less money from the government. The first suggestion would be to reduce opening hours. Not on your Nellie! Why don’t you just charge for entry like every other museum or art gallery do throughout Europe. With sterling so devalued overseas visitors can afford to pay. UK residents under 18 or over 60 can still go in free as can anyone on benefits. Everybody else should pay and then the museums can give some money back to the Treasury! That’s that sorted – on to the next one!

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