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Posted on: 17 September 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Be a fly-on-the-wall with our sneak preview of the domestic documentary.

Launching this week, Channel 4's The Family promises to be a compelling and distinctive new observational documentary series which is set to lift the lid on British family life in the 21st Century.

The eight part documentary series will present a revealing portrait of a modern British family unit, documenting the everyday dilemmas and decisions that are typical of those faced by families across the UK from teenagers testing the boundaries to simply maintaining a happy married life.

From arguments over bedtimes and curfews to stressful wedding plans and work issues, The Family captures the challenges faced every day by people up and down the country.

Following in the footsteps of 1974's pioneering documentary about a working-class family from Reading, the fly-on-the-wall series follows the family as they cope with everything that life throws at them, their day-to-day activities and the trials and tribulations involved in getting everyone round the dinner table at the same time.

The predicaments they face, the choices they make and challenges of family dynamics and communication they meet will be familiar to millions.

The Family starts on Channel 4 on Wednesday 17th September at 9pm.

You can watch a clip here:

What's Your View?

Will you watch The Family? Did you watch the 1974 series? Would you and your family be happy to appear on TV? Do you think such a documentary can be helpful to other families or is it just entertainment? Are you fed up of reality shows? You can share your thoughts by leaving a comment below or discuss with other in the 50connect forum.

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