Treasury spending review: the calm before the storm!

Posted on: 15 October 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

The Coalition’s dreaded Spending Review is published next week and predictably, some of the less positive measures have been leaked early so the good news is not swamped by harsh reality.

This morning, Nick Clegg announced a new ‘fairness programme’ for nursery care for toddlers; particularly ones from poorer families - after next Wednesday, I think that means the likes of you and I.

It is important to remember that whatever happens, the root of our ills lies in Gordon Brown’s wanton disregard for any kind of control over spending while he was Prime Minister. Without a hint of irony, the very people who authored our financial plight will be the ones bashing George Osborne's remedies next week – Ed Milliband, in particular, couldn’t have been closer to Brown without need of a surgical procedure!

So what next?

We accept it is going to be tough and will hit all of us. Prepare yourself, because we know there is no alternative that will work better. How long will the pain last? Well for some it will be a life changing event; they will have to go and get a job. For most of us, it’s going to more than likely going to take away about £1000 a year of spending from each adult. This will hit the middle classes most but then that’s fair as they are the ones who prospered during the halcyon 13 years of Labour – remember those property gains!

As my mum used to say ‘neither a borrower nor a lender be!’ Well two things are certain – you won’t be doing any borrowing as the banks won’t be doing any lending.

This brings me to my wish list for David Cameron, Nick Clegg and George Osborne:

  1. Don’t hit the pensioners that are on fixed incomes – they paid their part by having no income on their savings for the past three years!
  2. Do something for all the graduates who need jobs – paid or unpaid, so they can get experience.
  3. Sort the banks out once and for all – stop their abuse of society (and this includes the ones owned by the taxpayer!)
  4. Clamp down on tax cheats (the big ones and the little ones!) – they are as much thieves as a burglar breaking in to your house or the mugger mugging you.
  5. Keep the wakeup call going for the wasteful civil servants who spend our tax pounds so negligently.
  6. Fire the idiots running the Ministry of Defence who have a 10 year overspend of £33billion – that’s £165 extra tax for each of you for a decade.
  7. Stamp out bureaucracy in the national health service and let the doctors and nurses get on with the job.
  8. Scrap restrictive health and safety regulations and get back to a normal world where people are responsible for themselves.
  9. Compel the banks support small businesses – they are the ones that create new jobs and build the future.
  10. Finally, though of least important – vote for Ann Widdecombe on Strictly Come Dancing – this will cheer us all up!

I’m off now to try to persuade a grandson not to give up sixth form and try to get a job! Reason – I would rather he doesn’t begin his adult life with £50,000 of student debt hanging round his neck! Are you listening Mr Cable?

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