Treats For Teens

Posted on: 07 November 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

From stocking-fillers to keepsake presents, our original suggestions are sure to please husbands, wives and youngsters.

Table Pool Miniature Billiards

Measuring approximately 50cm x 32cm x 10cm, this miniature Table Pool Game features a beautiful wood grain finish and is perfect for fans of this classic game. It's made with an amazing attention to each and every feature, so not only are all of the playing balls beautifully painted, but there is also a ball return hole just like a real table. A total of two wooden cues are also provided so nobody has to share, an ideal gift for the whole family that will keep all ages amused for hours!

Price: £24.95

Where to buy:

Pink Car Care KitPink Car Care Kit

You can pack a versatile set of tools in to your glove compartment that will help keep you moving, especially on those cold winter mornings. Small enough to stow in the glove box or under a seat, yet the Pink Car Kit contains all the modern motoring essentials. This really is the perfect gift for any new car owner!

Price: £24.99

Where to buy:

You-doo DollYoudoo Doll

You don't need to be a movie star, a cartoon character or the member of a boy band to be immortalised in doll form. Oh no. You just need to get your hands on the one and only "make your own mini me" kit - the Youdoo Doll. Simply use the transfer kit provided to put either your face, or that of somebody else who deserves to be 'dollified' onto your Yoodoodoll's head. The stuffed Yoodoo doll can then be made to resemble whoever you like as it comes with a t shirt, which will also take iron on transfers, skirt and trousers. Then if you're really feeling creative you can give your doll a special 'once over' and apply tattoos and piercings. Age 8 plus.

Price: £9.95

Where to buy:

Union Jack BagUnion Jack Shoulder Bag

Patriotism is fashionable again. Carry your stuff with pride!

Price: £16

Where to buy:

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