Use A Real Estate Developer To Build Your Dream Home In Crete

Posted on: 15 May 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Building your dream home in Crete is easy with the correct specialist knowledge.

Europlan-Crete is a full service Real Estate Developer, Design Studio and Construction Company on the island of Crete in Greece. 

The company has been in operation for over ten years and is overseen by Civil Engineers, George Gounalakis, Ioannis Marinos and Michael Chorafas - a dynamic group supported by experienced consulting engineers, specialized technicians, analysts and real estate agents.

They can take care of all real estate services, project planning, designing, construction and renovation of your property according to what you want.  

The Interior Of The Shaw's HouseEuroplan-Crete prides itself on only using the best materials, the most skilled construction workers, tradesmen and craftsmen who work under the daily supervision of the civil engineers, to ensure both the personal satisfaction and the best return on your investment.

They also provide a property consultant service which guides you through the property search and purchase. 

Starting from the excavation of the terrain, which may require particular skills due to the nature of the land in Crete, they utilize the best use of excavation materials to meet the challenges in the building of the foundations.  Their risk analysis and safety assessments provide the highest quality support systems to ensure the constructions are completely safe. 

All construction works are all carried out by trade specialists using the highest quality materials.  Qualified engineers conduct specific static studies with strict adherence to the latest anti-seismic regulations and ensure the daily supervision of all building work. 

The TerraceEuroplan are qualified in all areas of the process from land requirements, designing and planning, preparing documentation for building permission, excavation, and construction to the final details at completion.   They are also sensitive to the environment, valuing Crete's rich local and historical heritage, and endeavor to keep elements of traditional design and materials wherever appropriate. 

Their ethos is that they take pride in the perfection of the construction, and will deliver your dream home on time and within budget.

Build Your Dream Home In Crete

Mr. & Mrs. Shaw did just that after an introduction to Europlan Real Estate Developers from a local Real Estate Agent in Crete. 

The Shaw's PropertyEuroplan advised them on the building allocation and legal requirements prior to purchasing the land.  A topographical diagram was prepared by Europlan’s civil engineers of the land and documentation required for the building permission.  This particular plot of land needed to be declared as a coastline property, so Europlan took responsibility and arranged this declaration.

The Shaws met at Europlan to discuss their requirements and specifications for their home.  Originally they wanted to build two houses on the property, but Europlan recommended building one house as this would be a better investment for the future.  They were open to the advice and recommendations from Europlan throughout the process, replying on their expertise for the planning, design and construction of their home. 

All documentation, architectural drawings, interior design and construction was supervised and completed by Europlan, and communication was conducted via email and telephone between Greece and the UK.

A detailed budget was prepared, based on the architectural drawings and specified finishes for the home.  Interior finishes were provided by local specialized suppliers, including kitchen cabinetry, flooring, bathroom materials, wardrobes, windows and doors.  The specialist provides a detailed package based on the direction of Europlan for the Shaw's to approve.  Europlan then supervised the installation of these items into the home.

Daily static studies were performed by civil engineers.  Progress reports were sent to the UK to keep them informed of all stages of the construction.  From the time of the first meeting, the project took eleven months to complete.  Mr. & Mrs. Shaw's home is complete with two stories, both of 350 m2, and includes five bedrooms, six bathrooms, two kitchens, utility room, games room, dinning room, seating area, large patios, beautiful landscaping on a difficult terrain and 50 m2 swimming pool.  The construction costs for this home were approximately 1500€ per m2.  The landscaping, purchasing of the land, furniture and appliances were additional costs, and the home took eleven months to construct.

Their Swimming Pool Mr Shaw says that Europlan were an excellent company to work with. 

"They were professional and shared their expertise every step of the way," he says.  "We are looking forward to spending many happy months soaking up the Cretian sunshine, absorping the beautiful views and experiencing the cultue of this ancient island from our fantastic home."

For further information on Europlan-Crete visit their website at, or email  They can also be contacted at R. Kapetanaki 13 - 72100 Aghios Nikolaos, Creta - Greece, or by telephone on 0030 28410 28452.

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