Video: Rent Your Way Out Of Recession

Posted on: 19 March 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Sarah Beeny's top tips for landlords looking to rent their properties, after new research shows a rise in the number of properties to let.


The impact of the recession on the housing market has been well documented, but now the rental market is being hit as well.

New stats from show that rental prices in the UK dropped dramatically in the last quarter, by as much as 6% in some areas, as the knock-on effect of falling house prices and low interest rates sparked a market saturation of properties to let. 
This has led to UK properties being increasingly managed by a new type of landlord- individuals who are worryingly unaware of the processes involved – and they are being dubbed the ‘unplandlord’.

This new type of homeowner has turned to renting as an interim solution while they hope the property market returns to previous levels.

In this video Sarah Beeny has advice for any ‘unplandlords’ including how to find tenants, administration issues and management of the property.



For more information, landlords can download the Gumtree Guide to the Unplandlord now, and listen to advice from Sarah Beeny at

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