Web Chat: Is Your Home Properly Insured?

Posted on: 06 July 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Insurance advisor Martyn Foulds joins us at 2.30pm on 10th July to offer expert guidance on choosing the right policy for your property.

With the myriad of home insurance policies on the market, choosing the right one for your home and family can be a difficult task. However the small variations between one policy and another could make all the difference when making a successful claim.

How many of us really know what our existing policy covers? And when choosing a new provider, do we really take time to research all the options available?

Show Date: Friday, 10st July

Show Time: 2.30pm

According to Halifax Home Insurance’s recent Peace of Mind report, when it comes to threats to our property two-thirds of us (64%) are worried about burglary – which topped the list ahead of fire (44%), burst pipes (28%) and floods (10%). With the latest British Crime Survey reporting a 4% increase in burglaries over the past quarter, leaving the light on when we go out at night might not be enough to keep our property protected.

All too often modern life can also throw up situations that we hadn’t bargained for – therefore the detail in fire and flood clauses could be crucial to you in the long-term. Some policies also have little loopholes we need to watch out for – such as an exclusion clause to if you leave a window open. This could not only leave you unprotected but also hugely out of pocket.

To make sure you choose the right insurance policy for your home and family make sure you log into our Web TV show. Insurance advisor Martyn Foulds from Halifax Home Insurance will be giving some practical advice on choosing the right cover and answering all your questions live.

Martyn Foulds joins us live online on Friday, July 10th at 2.30pm to discuss home insurance . For more information visit www.halifax.co.uk/peaceofmind.

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