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Posted on: 12 November 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Help children learn with a new free interactive game for the whole family.

You can challenge your children or grandchildren to a journey of fun and discovery, and improve maths and English skills at the same time, with the launch of learndirect's first interactive game, The Legula Adventure.

The Legula Adventure combines maths and English based puzzles with the colour, adventure and excitement you’d expect from any top kids’ interactive game. Designed for an adult and a child to do together, it’s free to play by logging onto the website.

The aim of the game is to restore power and happiness back to the fictional island of Legula. Living alongside Legulan islanders is an ancient population called Endellow, who have been on the island since the beginning of time. But a Legulan baddie called Dantor has attacked and imprisoned the Endellow, stealing the Three Crystals of Loga, the island’s source of power and happiness.

Your quest is to explore the island together to find and return the crystals to defeat Dantor and free the Endellow. To do this, you must work together to solve puzzles and complete island tasks. Word sorting games, anagrams and maths brainteasers are just some of the challenges you face whilst navigating your way around.

The game is divided into stages and can save where you get to. This allows you to pick up where you last finished, so you can fit the fun of learning around your family time.

“Nothing is more important than family learning," says Kirstie Donnelly, Director of Products and Marketing at learndirect. "The Legula Adventure is a fantastic way of encouraging parents, grandparents and kids to test their maths and English skills in a fun and interactive way.”

If you enjoy playing The Legula Adventure with the kids, why not also grab your free copy of Where Did the River Go? Packed with games and puzzles, this special storybook will help test your maths and English skills, without taking the pleasure out of reading with the family.

learndirect can help anyone who finds their maths and English skills are a little rusty improve with a range of courses which could even lead to a national qualification.

Web Links

You can log onto www.thelegulaadventure.co.uk to play for free and for more information on how to get hold of your copy of Where Did the River Go?

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