What do you think of the show so far?

Posted on: 29 September 2010 by Editor at Large

New Labour leader, Ed Miliband, has made his debut speech to conference. How did he do? I'd say better than expected, but still not good enough to galvanise the party's popularity and standing at the polls.

Wide eyed and manic, Ed took center stage. His brother David, after sitting through all 56 minutes of it, will now retreat to the back benches and patiently wait until the Labour party rank and file realise what a monumental mistake they have made.

On 50connect we have been running a poll on Ed as leader and 66% of votes say that he’s not the right guy. So how did he get there? Simple. A silly voting system that kicks out the contentious and leaves the average. This is why Labour now has a front-man who can’t ‘front’!

Nice guy as he is (he would have been even nicer if he’d put himself down as father on his son’s birth certificate), Ed is forever in the shadow of his brother. He's intelligent but lacks ‘sound bite’ conviction. He's committed to social equality but doesn’t manage to communicate this effectively. These are early days for his leadership, but I’m afraid I just don’t think he’s going to grow into the job. He’ll never be a match for Cameron, Osborne and Hague.

As his girlfriend/partner Justine Thornton said: "I don’t know how he’s going to be leader when he can’t even decide to get married!”

Whither the other brother?

David Miliband did not enjoy his brother’s speech either. He visibly squirmed when Red Ed said the decision to go to war in Iraq was wrong and the hall applauded in agreement. David turned to Harriet Harman and said: "Why are you clapping? You voted for the war."
David Miliband is now in a terrible place. He’s spent his whole life in politics and reached the top as Foreign Secretary. He now has nowhere to go. He’ll have plenty of offers from Think Tanks, banks, NGOs and conglomerates, but they're not really his bag. I think he will go to the back benches, do some commentating, write a book - I’d buy it - and wait to see what happens.  It will be a great shame for all of us if he just says: "Sod it! I’ll make money and live the ‘fat cat’ life!"

Spend spend spend!

Charles Bean, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England is a right banker! Yesterday this wise man of finance suggested that because bank interest rates are so low, we should all start spending down our capital since it’s not earning us much. What a fool! Highly paid, sitting in his ivory tower, he demonstrates his complete lack of understanding of older people in this country (the  only ones that have savings!) Retired people have been eating into their capital to live for the past two years because they are not getting any income from their banks. This sort of puerile statement really makes me think it is time for the revolution. Mr Bean, you're a silly, silly man.

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