What happened to Nick Clegg?

Posted on: 16 March 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

The prospect of the Liberal Democrats having major influence on the election has gone unnoticed by most of us simple souls - or artlessly dismissed in the case of the Labour and Conservative leadership. However with the race to No10 hotting up, Nick Clegg has dropped the veil on a refreshing and inspiring vision of the policies he is staking the Lib Dem bid on.

Some of you will remember my recent disparaging comments about Nick Clegg – Leader of the Liberals! Well I take it all back – I watched him at his Party Conference at the weekend - what has he been taking? It’s like there a new a new man running the show - passionate, articulate, fighting fit and downright inspiring. By far the best public face I’ve seen so far of any Liberal leader since good old Jo Grimond!

Could it be that for once in 50 years the Liberal Party has the smell of real power? All the polls are indicating that we may well have a coalition government with the Liberals holding the power broking role. I must say he spoke good sense and is the first party leader to set down some clear polices that we can all understand. I think Brown and Cameron can take some pointers from this approach. I must say I’m looking forward to seeing the television debates. If he keeps his current performance up, I think he has a good chance of swaying a lot of voters. If he pulls this off them a hung parliament is more a probability than possibility.

It is amazing just how fast things can change: a few weeks ago the Tories were going to win hands down. Now it could well be the Liberals forming a government with either the Tories or Labour. As the game plays at the moment it might well be Labour again!

What would a government consisting of Brown and Clegg look like: well a fairer Britain might well be on the agenda – they both seem to agree with this. Public spending will have the knife taken to it and we might well see Vince Cable as the new Chancellor of the Exchequer. How long would a government like this last – well at least a couple of years and that would be long enough for the world economy to settle down and better still see the UK economy re-energising itself in time for the Olympics.

Well Mr Clegg you’ve certainly given the pundits something to write and think about. Time will tell whether you can walk it as well as talk it. If you can you may just change UK politics forever!


PS: I like to write about the world we live in, I don't claim to be always right (just most of the time) and really want to hear what YOU think. Whether you agree with me or you think my opinion stinks, use the comment box below to have your voice heard.

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