Where Will You Spend Your Retirement?

Posted on: 14 August 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

The best places to retire in Britain.

Life expectancy in the UK has reached its highest level ever, with men of 65 expected to live until 81, and women 84. So despite the government recently increasing the age of retirement to 65, people approaching this exciting time still have almost 20 years of work-free living to look forward to.

The Best Locations For Retirement Living

A run-down of the pros and cons of the 60 top places to retire to in Britain.

If the children have left home, the mortgage is repaid and you are no longer tied to the area you work in, you can choose to retire in any area of Britain that interests you. Maybe you dream of retiring to a picturesque seaside town, a tranquil village, or a buzzing city.

To help you decide where to move, the guide Where to Retire in Britain answers any questions you may have, including:

What fun can I have there? Details alluring local attractions, including spectacular walks, inspiring galleries, historical sites and quality restaurants

Is it easy for the kids to visit? Includes a useful fact-file of local transport connections and service providers.

Is it safe? Presents reassuring official statistics for the socioeconomics of the area including crime rates and economic activity.

How much can I spend on all this fun stuff? Provides clear explanations about retirement finances, including pensions and how to use your current home to fund retirement.

How much will my dream house cost? Indicates property and council tax prices and contains practical expert advice on buying property, including specialised retirement property and specifics such as the extra cost of retiring by the sea.

What if I want another opinion? Inserts eye-opening case studies from people who have retired there, highlighting the best/worst things about the area.

The guide is designed specifically for people who want the most from their retirement years. It provides well-researched details of 60 outstanding destinations, from the popular spots to the less known gems, that are all perfect for retirement. It will inspire you with ideas, whilst covering all of the practicalities, helping you find that special place that will make your retirement years the very best of your life.

You can buy Where to Retire in Britain, by Victoria Pybus, published by Crimson Publishing, priced £12.99 direct from www.crimsonpublishing.co.uk or online at Amazon for £12.34.

Where Will You Retire?

Do any of these retirement destinations appeal to you? Would you rather stay near friends and family? Or do you want to spend your retirement in sunnier climes? You can share your thoughts by leaving a comment below or visiting the 50connect forum.

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