William Hague gay slurs: Who really cares?

Posted on: 05 September 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

Tory right wing targets coalition linchpin, William Hague, after bruising allegations of inappropriate behaviour and a homosexual relationship dominate the week's press.

William Hague is one of the very brightest people I have ever met. I had the good fortune to enjoy his company a few years ago when he was at the Department of Health at Richmond House  and I was with Age Concern England. We had a couple of meeting and during those two sessions he transformed my view of him and frankly had me in awe! Whatsmore, he was only about 33 years old!

His instant grasp of complex issues and ability to feed back sound constructive ideas and responses staggered me. Up to that time I had seen William Hague as that precocious teenager at the Tory party conference along with Maggie Thatcher and the party faithful! Truly, at that time, I would have loved to throttle him.

Years later he became party leader and it all went wrong – wrong time, wrong politics, and wrong man! After this he went on to make a fortune as a writer, speaker and consultant. His return to frontline politic has manifested itself with Cameron and the Coalition.

Now we are witnessing a witch hunt accusing him of ‘having an inappropriate relationship’ with a young aide. Where is all this coming from – well from the politicos who want to scupper the Coalition and Tony Blair at the same time? Hague out of the Coalition would more than likely be a major factor in bringing it down. Good for the Tory Right and Old Labour in one swipe!

Hague has been forced to comment and discuss painful personal issues to validate he has a sound marriage and isn’t gay. But the issue isn’t whether he is gay or not or whether he was ‘bonking’ some young guy while on the election trail in the spring. The issue is – whose business is it other than his own. We live in a different world from 50 years ago.

I hope Hague doesn’t do as is rumoured – leave politics and just make money. He will be a very sad loss to our future both in terms of prosperity and world influence. Let’s hope the press have more judgement and stop publishing this intolerant venal rubbish! Maybe they should put their attention to the private lives of those that are pushing it out. I bet that would make much juicier reading. Stay in there William, and don’t let the bastards get you down!

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