World Cup: Germany falls to Paul the psychic octopus

Posted on: 08 July 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

Why is it that defeat for Germany makes me so deliriously happy? It's wrong and I know it, but it doesn't half feel good!

I really enjoyed watching Spain beat Germany in last night's World Cup semi final. I’m not sure whether it was because it was a good match; because Spain was the underdog and won; because Paul the psychic octopus predicted it; or because Germany lost! I’d like to think it was one of the first three but ashamedly I think it was the latter!

None of the players were even born and more than likely their parents weren’t even born at the end of the Second World War, yet I still have a deep seated anger towards Germany. This has been perpetuated with years of national jingoism, Hollywood prejudice, and the experiences of my family. I don’t expect it will ever leave me even, though I know it is illogical and biased.

When you think that the events that helped create this  mind set occurred 70 years ago and here I am all these years later still feeling their effect. So how long has to pass for us humans to let go of old wounds and angers. If my family is anything to go by it is one complete generation that has no memory or experience of the event and subsequent consequences.

In our modern world with all its current problems and hostilities it will be another 40 or 50 years before my children and grandchildren will be superseded by a generation that will hold no ill will against the IRA,  Al-Qaida, the Taliban or even our old chum Gordon Brown!

I don’t think I’m any different than anyone else when it comes to forgive and forget. You know it's right, you know it's logical but you also know you just can’t let go.

So going back to football! Who do I want to win the World Cup on Sunday – Holland post German occupation or the new Spain post Franco and Fascism? We’ll see closer to the time but I’m taking down my sombrero from the loft just in case I have an epiphany!

Pensioner Power!

Read a nice piece online last night about a group on pensioners who got so fed up with the hoodie dropouts, drug dealers, fights and muggings  on their estate that they set about changing things by running their own surveillance system. So far they have produced film evidence for the police to use in court cases but most significantly the trouble has significantly reduced as a result of the perpetrators knowing they are going to be on ‘candid camera’! Well done St Peter’s Neighborhood Monitoring  at Highfields in Leicester – a great example to the rest of us!

Take a look at their web site and Blog by clicking this link

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