World Custard Pie Throwing Championship

Posted on: 10 June 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Struggling for ideas this weekend? Why not throw some custard pies!

The World Custard Pie Throwing Championship began back on the 24th June, 1967 when Councillor Mike Fiizgerald, previously the borough mayor, created the event to help raise funds to build a village hall in Coxheath.

But 41 years later the Championship is as strong as ever and over 30 teams will again be facing off for 2008’s tournament on Sunday, 15th June in Maidstone.

Cllr Fitzgerald said the idea was taken up with “great robustness” and people were “delighted to come out and do battle” back in ’67.

The idea came from a Charlie Chaplin comedy, Behind The Screen and money raised from the annual event now goes straight local charities.

Before the Championship starts, there is a parade around the arena in which each team member can be awarded up to six points by the judges for their original fancy dress.

Teams from Leicestershire and Norfolk are heading to Kent whilst the Championship also drew enquiries from as far as Japan.

Each team will have four players and for the event to go ahead, 2,400 custard pies need to be baked using two tonnes of self raising flour and an army of sea cadets to mix base.

All competitors must throw left-handed while the original carved wooden trophy is displayed by the winning team.

The event is all part of Rotary Family Fun Day and last year’s Championship featured in news bulletins from China to Japan, USA to Canada and even Arabic broadcaster Al-Jazeera.

“It’s a great day, the teams love it – why not have it as an Olympic sport in 2012,” says Martin Cox, chairman of the organising committee.

“We’re expecting between 5,000 – 8,000 people coming to watch and we’re still looking for more teams to take part.”

If you wish to participate in the World Custard Pie Throwing Championship in Maidstone, log-on to the website and register your team for £40 or call 01622 677 614.

Have you taken part in the Custard Pie Championships?  Were you there at the inaugural championship in 1967?   Share your comments below, or chat with others in the 50connect forums.

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