Pirates interrupt black tie dinner on a Saga cruise!

Posted on: 19 January 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

No, it's not the next Pirates of the Caribbean film, the Spirit of Adventure Saga cruise ship outran modern-day pirates while cruising the Indian Ocean.

Spirit of AdventureIt was a gala night on board the Spirit of Adventure, as guests readied themselves for a black tie event and swanky dinner with the Captain ... until the call came to 'get down' to avoid flying bullets!

 As the Captain was alerted to pirates in the surrounding area, the guests onboard were ordered to crouch down on to the floor in the middle of the ship in case any shots were fired through the windows.

The Captain revved up the engine and set the cruise ship on warp speed to outrun the pirates, while hungry passengers crouched on the floor of the dining room in formal dinner dress.

You’d think guests on board would have been a little concerned, but it seems that little can phase these cruisers. Susie Browne, 73, a grandmother of five told the Telegraph that, “Everyone was so calm. We all just sat there on the floor in full evening dress as the ship sped up to get away from the pirates. No one made a fuss.”

And after an hour, as the ship outran the pirates, the Captain returned to dinner with the passengers and as Susie Brown shows, life on the open sea was back to normal, “before the pirates [approached] I had ordered rare roast beef and within minutes after we returned to the dining room there was a waiter at my elbow saying, 'Here is your rare beef, madam’.”

The Captain received a round of applause (in true Brit style) from his unphased passengers and then continued at a slower pace on to their next destination, Zanzibar. Seems that apparently worse things do happen at sea...

Have you had any hairy moments on board a cruise? Do you like cruising or is it your idea of hell? Let us know below…

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