Is There A Dietary ‘Cure’ For Arthritis?

Posted on: 30 June 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Watching what you eat could help ease joint discomfort.

Arthritis in its various forms affects 4.3 million women and 2.6 million men in the UK – but more than six in ten of us will suffer from the condition at some point in our lives. Arthritis causes pain, loss of mobility and in chronic cases irreversible destruction of joints throughout the body.

The link between diet, nutrition and arthritis is a vital one – yet many people remain unaware that eating the correct foods can relieve joint discomfort and may reduce the onset of the disease. 

Arthritic symptoms may be aggravated by red meats, raw tomatoes, processed foods and an excess consumption of dairy.  However potassium-rich foods such as grains, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, sweet potato, asparagus, avocado, figs and prunes, kiwi, banana, papaya, lentils and soya beans have been shown to provide drug-free relief of symptoms. 

The premise of this food theory is evident in The Arthritic Association’s Home Treatment Programme - a natural treatment method designed more than 60 years ago - which has enabled sufferers to live a pain-free lifestyle in 80% of cases. This three-step complementary approach is based around eating a potassium-rich diet alongside taking supplements and improving posture management.

In addition to the dietary benefits, the programme of supplements helps eliminate toxins from the body and facilitates the loosening of cramped muscles and painful joints, while postural management and joint mobilisation helps relieve, and in time, reverse symptoms. The programme gives hope to thousands of Arthritis sufferers who want to self-manage their joint discomfort.

Dr Sarah Schenker one of the most high profile and influential nutritionists in the UK, and qualified Registered Dietician, accredited sports dietician and Registered Public Health Nutritionist said, “If you’ve been diagnosed with arthritis and you’re looking for a more positive, proactive way of tackling your condition visit the for further information about how the Home Treatment Programme can help change your lifestyle for the better.”

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