Turkey club sandwich

Posted on: 05 January 2011 by Gareth Hargreaves

Turkey sandwiches can be an ordeal ... but not if you use your imagination. Discover the wonders of the club sandwich and enjoy turkey year round.

Club sandwichI'm not a great fan of turkey and will use any opportunity to disguise its bone dry blandness. It is bad enough when it's fresh cooked - well, it is when I cook it - but what are you supposed to do with the leftovers? The answer to that particular poser comes in the form of the turkey club sandwich.

This is no ordinary sandwich. This is among the king of sandwiches and when you're making it yourself, you have plenty of room for creative license. My version is a rather conservative single decker, though I believe the true version involves three slices of bread.


Cooked turkey (or fresh if you prefer)
Cranberry sauce
2 rashers of bacon or cooked ham
Unsliced crusty bread
Lollo rosso lettuce, rocket or good old iceberg

Thin slices of cheese
Honey mustard


Carefully slice the loaf, taking care not to be left with two doorsteps, which you will have trouble getting your teeth into.

Lightly toast one side of the bread

Spread some of the cranberry sauce on the first piece of bread. This is your base.

Add your sliced turkey and stuffing- not too much mind, otherwise you'll end up with a club mountain rather than a sandwich. You don't have to use turkey leftovers, you can cook from fresh using escallops or goujons - just shallow fry or grill for five minutes.

Cover with the lollo rosso (or other lettuce) and place the bacon/ham on top

Add thin layer of tomato and be as lavish as you like with the mayonnaise

Top off with the other lightly toasted slice of bread.

I can say confidently that this sandwich is so simple an idiot could make, indeed, I do and quite regularly too.

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