Scented candles and massage wax for luxurious pampering

Posted on: 14 February 2013 by Cat Paddock

Have a quality "all senses" experience with boutique candles from Melt Co and JouJoux

Melt cedar and peppercornMelt Cedar & Pepperwood

Surrounds the room with an inviting and somewhat enticing scent. An immediate interest in discovering not only what the intriguing scent is made up of, but where it stems from and how the combination manages to work so well together to create this feel of complete and utter allure... an ambiance second to none. One which you feel should be treasured and kept only for very special occasions... Almost an experience you’d choose to keep all to yourself.. or share only with someone super special... someone worthy of it... mmm that special person, perhaps.

The candles are hand produced by Melt, a small business in Lancashire's Ribble valley. They ensure that every part of the candle is fragranced and use the highest quality materials sourced from long- established, specialist providers; and wherever possible don’t use any synthetic ingredients.

The home developed fragrances, with a little help from the finest fragrance houses and each candle takes up to 36 hours to produce, resulting in a unique and beautifully fragranced range. Do yourself and favour and treat yourself.   

JouJouxA trip to the orient Petits Joujoux

If your partner has truly appreciated and enjoyed the intriguing, alluring scents of your precious Melt Cedar & Peppercorn... invite them to the bedroom to experience the unforgettable massage you get from Petits Joujoux.

Starting off feeling warm as if being embraced by a hot touch that soothes deep within. It is a warming and stimulating sensation - something not to be experienced on the back alone.

A touch like this has to be an all over experience – it is a full body massage that will blow your mind. Keep a tight lead on your partner and encourage him to continue the whole night through, into the early hours... The perfumes of the essential oils permeate the room adding to the gorgeousness of it all.

I’d highly recommend having a glass of water or two to hand... The bedroom will be HOT, to put it mildly!

What are you waiting for, put your partner to task and enjoy a full body experience!

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