Tips for finding love and companionship in later life

Posted on: 09 February 2010 by Mark O'haire

Older people... dating? Why such stigma? We don't suddenly dispense with the need for companionship, fun or our libido once we reach 50. So why should we deny ourselves the opportunity for fun, friendship and more as we get older?

love in laterlifePeople over 50 dating is nothing new. People of all ages date and just because two people are older, doesn’t mean that they cannot do what comes naturally. Love blossoms wherever it can. Age is not a barrier to emotions. The body may get older, but the mind can stay young. In fact, it can often do older people a power of good to find love again at a time when they perhaps had felt it would never happen again.

Changing circumstances

Older couples dating often comes about because they have lost a loved one to death, or in many cases, to divorce. They find themselves at a loose end. Their world of nice snug security has been pulled apart, and it isn’t easy to come to terms with either. It doesn’t have to be the end, however. In fact, it can and should be a new beginning. It’s good for people to be with someone else that they care for and who cares for them as well. We are very social animals and senior people dating is quite simply a natural thing.

People are living longer as our society becomes more prosperous generally. Diseases are being fought more successfully by our health experts and the emphasis on exercise and good eating have all combined to give us, on average, a longer life. That means that more seniors are dating, and will be dating in future too. Many of these people need help finding a mate. Quite often they don’t know where to turn. They may go to their local church club, or a local social club, but after that there often isn’t much to do to further their chances of finding a date. That’s why online dating sites geared towards senior people have become so popular.

Online dating

There are many online dating sites focused on seniors who are looking for a date. These are not your usual run of the mill dating sites where the atmosphere is bouncy and always on the go. Things tend to be a bit more sedate with senior people dating sites, though not to the point of being boring. Far from it – dating sites aimed at seniors are very positive. They know they are dealing with mature people who have seen it all and who want it straight without all the fluff.

A professional matchmaker is very possibly the best suited option for any senior person trying to break back into dating. This option takes all the hard work out of dating, while also offering the best chance of success. With a professional matchmaker a senior person can relax, knowing that his or her chances of finding someone for them in their autumn of life is very good. The matchmaker will work with them, gently and constantly, until they find what they are looking for.

After a deep and thorough interview where all the personal information required has been gleaned, the professional matchmaker will try to match the senior’s profile to another person who appears to be compatible. Once a match is found, the senior is invited to make contact with the other person. Taking one step at a time, senior dating can be easy and very fulfilling for all involved.

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