Bargain breaks: Pet and property sitters

Posted on: 22 March 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

Get paid to go on holiday! What’s the catch?

Pet sitterWell if you hate pets then the catch would be that you have to spend your holiday looking after them, but if you're an animal lover, are recently retired and fancy holidaying in some of the North's most beautiful spots then you should get in touch with pet and property sitters.

To coin a phrase it does exactly what it says on the tin, you get paid to go and house-sit, look after the pet or pets and make sure the home is kept as the owners left it. You could be tasked with basic garden upkeep as well as the pet's daily requirements, but in return, you’ll receive a free holiday, a beautiful home all to yourself, along with a small wage, provision's allowance and travel expenses - you can even take your partner along.

So what could you be looking after? Well, there’s a long list from the standard cats and dogs to guinea pigs, parrots and budgies, hens, duck, geese, livestock, horses or for the even more adventurous, spiders or lizards.

When we spoke to Liz from the she said “We love our pets very much in this country. That’s why a lot of holiday makers are nervous about leaving them. So we came up with the idea of sitters, it means pet owners can have an enjoyable holiday knowing they’ll come home to happy and healthy pets and the sitters can have a relaxing holiday too. The people who work for us tend to be animal lovers who have lost their own pets, can't face replacing them but miss the contact. The job allows them to explore new areas and relax. Our sitters all love the job; there is no two ways about it, they get to stay in some amazing houses in gorgeous locations and get paid for doing so!”

Pet and property sitters are an established, friendly, family-owned company based in north Yorkshire who operate throughout the north of England. The good news is they’re looking for more sitters, so if you’re trustworthy and responsible with some spare time on your hands then get in touch. They are particularly looking for people around 50 or over who are able to deal with different situations and varying locations.

House sitterYou can visit their website or contact Elizabeth Liddle on 01423 817867 or email for more information.

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