Do I really care about BT's ads?

Posted on: 05 August 2010 by Editor at Large

British Telecom (BT) is running a series of asinine TV adverts revolving around a totally smarmy couple of actors playing a loving couple separated by the hardship of working away from home.

The advert is intended to get us all to start using landlines again instead of mobile phones.

Get real, BT. The world has changed, landlines are dead (or certainly dying) and the mobile is king. Even though you don’t seem to have realized this yet, you could at least have the decency to acknowledge your customers’ intelligence and stop producing these stupid patronizing ads. I don’t really care if they are apart and miss each other or that she keeps rubbing her tummy indicating she either has colic, or needs a good seeing to, or indeed has been seen to and now regrets it!

To make matter even worse, they now want us to go online and choose an ending for the series. Well I have a good ending. The telephone connection breaks, the man goes the local pub and meets a beautiful blond who is very rich and whisks him away leaving the girl to become yet another single mum living off the state. There’s a lot more reality to this than the pap they are dishing out on these TV ads.

BT the real story!

What BT should do is stop wasting its customers’ money trying to persuade them to do something they don’t want to do and concentrate on getting customer service right.

When we recently moved office, BT had to do clever things with the phones and broadband. The chosen day for this was given to us and we waited and waited and waited. When we finally realised they weren’t coming we rang the customer service line. They told us that the man had come and couldn’t open the door - pressing the buzzer would have helped - so he went away. We were then told that we were now at the back of the queue and it would take two more weeks to get the work done.

Since then I have heard of three more instances of exactly the same thing happening from other BT users.

Now we know that BT’s advertising is very 21st century. Unfortunately they’re trying to sell a service that belongs to the 20th century.

Tell you what BT. Cut the crappy advertising and get down to sorting out good old fashioned customer service. We’d all like you all the more for it.

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