All you need for a right royal knees up!

Posted on: 18 April 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

Whether you want to celebrate the royal wedding or just celebrate- here’s all you need for the perfect street party…

Kate and Wills tie the knot on Friday 29th of April, and if like us, your invitation got lost in the post then you’ll be celebrating at home, too. We’ve put together the perfect ingredients for a Royal wedding party. As David Cameron has told local authorities "not to interfere" with street party plans, we should all be safe from the petty bureaucracy we've all come accustomed to when dealing with the council. So let's celebrate...

Royal drinks


It wouldn’t be a garden party without a tipple or two. We’d recommend PIMMs for a fruity cocktail, and a cheap and chic Cava for the toast. For the younger crowd, Schloer's new punch drink is a great alcoho-free alternative to PIMMs and means the kids won't feel left out.

PIMM’S original. 1 part PIMMS, 3 parts chilled lemonade add mint, cucumber, orange and strawberry over ice. PIMM’s 2 for £26 from Tesco

Cava tastes great on its own or mixed with orange juice for a refreshing bucks fizz. Cava is the Spanish version of champagne, slightly dryer and heavier than champagne but just as tasty!Cava £4.49 from Tesco


The must have decoration for the royal wedding is bunting. If you have time to make it yourself, raid the charity shops for old shirts in red and blue to make union jacks – if you’d rather just buy it, then go for this beautiful bunting from fields of blue. Bunting, £22.95 from fields of blue


You couldn't get more British than scones and we couldn’t think of a more English cook than good old Delia. Click here for her full recipe, enjoy with fresh cream and chunky strawberry jam - mmmmmm

For food on the day a barbeque is perfect, and by the sounds of it, we’ll all be enjoying glorious sunshine! Get all of your neighbours or friends to bring meat and take it in turn to man the barbie. All you are left to do then is work out some accompaniments between guests, a hefty potato or pasta salad, mixed salad leaves, rice, corn on the cob and garlic bread are all cheap and easy to prepare. The supermarkets will be filled with great barbeque bargains for the two bank holiday weekends, so get in early or shop online for your pick of the deals.

Fun ideas for the day: 

  • Download Save the Children’s party pack for the royal wedding. It includes invitations, games (pin the tail on the corgi- brilliant!) a royal quiz, bunting and a make your own crown kit. Download the pack here.
  • Get everyone on the street to wear their wedding dress, what a great excuse to put the most expensive item in your wardrobe on again.
  • Dress up as royal family members and host a murder mystery evening!
  • Raise money for a charity by having a raffle, charging for food or having a jumble sale. You could alternatively use the money for your neighbourhood, whether that’s tidying up a communal area or having a group day out.
  • Run a swap shop, where neighbours can post their services up on a board. You may find someone who would be happy to look after you cat while you're away if you water their garden for them. Read more here

For more ideas visit it also has all the information you'll need to take over your street for the day. What have you got planned for the royal wedding weekend? Let us know below…

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