An Interview With Angelina Jolie

Posted on: 15 October 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Angelina insists she's so in love with Brad and delighted to be a Mum.

Angelina Jolie has responded to reports that she is overwhelmed with domestic duties, suffering from post-natal depression and having relationship troubles with partner Brad Pitt.

Mother of six Angelina is clear that her relationship with 44-year-old Brad is stronger than ever.

"I am fortunate enough to live with my favourite people in the world, including Brad, who is my best friend and an amazing father," she says.

"Our life is very, very hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun. We don’t take much notice of the rumours, to be honest - people have been spreading rumours about me for years. We have fun, we have each other, and we have a lot of love in our life. And anybody who has love in their life has something that is much more important than anything else."

On the couple’s three month old twins, Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon, she revealed that they are not causing sleepless nights.

"They’re good babies, and pretty much on schedule. They pretty much eat every three hours, so I’ve arranged breaks in my day around that."

The twins keep each other entertained.

"They’re very sweet together, and a great thing about twins is how much company they are for each other. You see them together, and they’re looking at each other, they smell each other, they put their hands on each other, and it’s just beautiful to watch. You reach a point where you almost think that to have one baby alone would be kind of lonely."

As well as the twins, Angelina and Brad are parents to adopted sons Maddox, seven, and Pax, four, adopted three-year-old daughter Zahara, and their natural daughter Shiloh, two.

"It’s a big, loud, busy family. The kids are all great friends, and we all have a lot of fun together. They’re all great travellers, too, and I think partly because there are so many of them, they’re able to make themselves at home anywhere. They can just go into an empty room, take it over, and make it their home, which is a wonderful gift."

The arrival of the twins brought its own poignancy. In January last year, Angelina’s mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand, died of cancer aged only 56, and Angelina - who is still struggling with her loss - admits that it is hard to accept that Marcheline will never know these latest grandchildren.

"They’re the first babies I’ve had without her," she says, softly. "She was an amazing mom and she shouldn’t have passed away so young."

Angelina is ensuring that her mother's spirit lives on through the family.

"She was partly French-Canadian, and she always loved France, so when I was deciding where to have the children, it was just a very comforting idea to do it in France, because I knew she would have loved it. That’s a reason why we’re all learning French, too, because she always wanted my children to speak the language. It’s a beautiful language and a beautiful culture, and being in that part of the world always reminds me of her."

As one of the world’s most famous families, however, a day out is not without its difficulties.

"Usually, places where there are other parents with children are okay - other parents are much more respectful of our privacy than many people because they understand what it’s like just to want to be with your kids. Parents are much kinder to us than some other members of the public."

Of course people always want to take photographs.

"When the kids ask us why people are taking our pictures, we say, 'Mommy and Daddy make movies and that’s why some people want to know about us.' We want to make sure that they know there’s nothing special or different about us - it is just a fact of our lives that we happen to make movies so people want to take our pictures."

Despite all the travels and with homes around the world, including properties in New Orleans and France, Angelina says she and Brad are proud to be American.

"We don’t officially live in France. The children all have American passports and are American, too, but I also think that one of the best things about America is that we are a melting pot, a mix of many, many different races and nations. My kids were born in different countries, in Asia, Africa, and Europe, and I expect them to learn about those places and to appreciate all other parts of the world, not just their own. Yes, they have their own nationalities and are very proud of them, but that certainly doesn’t diminish the fact that they’re American. To me, that is what being American is."

All working parents struggle to balance the demands of work and family, and it’s no different for Angelina and Brad.

"We have to do a lot of forward planning in our lives, but fortunately both Brad and I are at a place in our careers where we can ask the studio to adjust certain things to accommodate us."

As for Angelina's own career, she's planning to go back to work in February.

"There's a project I’m looking at now that will begin at the end of that month. It’ll have been over a year since I last worked and there was a big discussion in our house of, 'Should I go back to work?'"

Her partner is supporting her career.

"Brad was wonderfully supportive. He said, 'Your work is part of you and you should do this. We’ll be fine - the babies will be sitting up and hanging out in your trailer, and the kids will come to visit when they’re not at school. It’s going to be all right.'"

The full interview appears in this week’s Hello! magazine, on sale 15th October 2008.

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