Cinema: The best of January

Posted on: 14 January 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

January is cold dark and depressing, that's why we're going to be spending our time in the cinema, with this plethora of must see films...

Black Swan 

Psychological thriller about a veteran ballerina played by Natalie Portman who enters into an un healthy relationship with a promising new dancer that see's her struggling with her own sanity and jealousy. Dark and beautiful, this film is already lapping up gongs.

In cinemas 21st January

127 Hours

Based on the true story of mountain climber, Aron Ralston this tense thriller tells the tale of the 127 hours Ralston spent trapped under a boulder and  uncovers the desperate measures he must take to survive.
Be prepared for an uplifting, shocking and gruesome tale!
In cinemas 7th January

The King's Speech

Oscar-tipped story of King George VI of Britain, featuring Colin Firth as the reluctant monarch. Ascending to the throne in the wake of the abdication Edward VIII, the new king must battle crippling shyness and a stammer to win over his people as the spectre of war looms over Europe. Already nominated for seven golden globes and starring Helena Bonham Carter this is a bit of Brit brilliance based on a true story and set for huge success.

Blue Valentine

Gritty drama centred around a married couple, charting their romance from when they first met to married life in their thirties. Starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams (both Academy award nominees) this is far from a romantic comedy, focusing on the idyllic past and troubled present of a working class couple.


NEDS which stands for Non-Educated Delinquents is the Scottish equivalent of This is England! Another scarily realistic depiction of what happens when a young intelligent man from a troubled family meets the wrong people at the wrong time! A ballsy coming-of-age drama with no sugar coating.

So, if you fancy depressing yourself further this January head to the cinema! Ha ha, it seems January is the month for art house films (especially with the nominations on the horizon!) so if that's your preferred genre then enjoy! But, If you go to the cinema to be cheered up then there's the new Disney film coming out at the end of the month, so something a little more suitable to take the grandkids to, we'll leave you with that trailer...

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