Encounters At The End Of The World

Posted on: 06 May 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Laurence Green reviews Werner Herzog’s wondrous, award-winning new documentary.


The symbiosis of spirituality and science is explored by Werner Herzog in his wondrous, award-winning new documentary Encounters At The End of the World (Odeon Covent Garden, Phoenix East Finchley and other cinemas).

There is a hidden society at the end of the world where one thousand men and women live under unbelievably close quarters in Antarctica, risking their lives and sanity in search of cutting-edge science.  Now for the first time an outsider has been admitted—Werner Herzog and his cameraman travel to the McMurdo Station, the hub of the US Antarctic programme, and into the heart of one of the most remote places on earth.

Herzog juxtaposes breathtaking locations with the profound, surreal and often absurd experiences of the marine biologists, physicists, plumbers and truck drivers who form this unique community.  One of the most wow-inducing, yet uplifting moments is when we get a rare glimpse into the eerie underwater universe of exquisite ice cathedrals.

Nature’s indifference to man is certainly a subject dear to Herzog’s heart and it is brilliantly conveyed here in this visually stunning film.

By Laurence Green

Distributor: Revolver Pictures (0207 243 4300)


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