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Posted on: 25 September 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Fancy experiencing the paranormal? Take your pick from fright nights happening all over the country.

Let the darkness crawl all over your skin whilst your adrenalin soars on an night-long ghost hunt.  The prices and formats vary, but these experiences are now so popular they happen throughout the entire year.

Peterborough Museum, Saturday October 25th

Join author and Most Haunted paranormal investigator Phil Whyman for a night to remember at the Peterborough Museum, reputed to have ten phantoms within its walls. 

Known ghosts include the form of a Roman soldier still connected to a certain article on display, a ghost of a WWI soldier, and the recently seen figure of an Australian soldier, believed to be that of Sergeant Thomas Hunter. Wounded during battle, he was brought to the then Peterborough infirmary, where he died of his injuries.

The building has an interesting history and is widely regarded as the most haunted building in Cambridgeshire.  The cellar appears to be particularly active, with sightings of possible apparitions, objects being thrown, noises and light anomalies.

Dating from the early 1800's, it was originally the home of Thomas Cooke and his wife, Charlotte. From the mid 1850's the property became the city of Peterborough's first hospital, the Peterborough infirmary, which lasted until 1928.  In fact the Conservation room in the museum used to be the original operating theatre.


The event takes place at Peterborough Museum, Priestgate, Peterborough, PE1 1LF, on Saturday 25th October 2008, starting at 8pm and ending at 4am.  Tickets are £60 and include a buffet, refreshments and use of equipment throughout the event.  Peterborough railway station is about a 5minute walk to the museum.  Click here to book Peterborough’s Ghost Hunt.

The Falstaffs Experience, Stratford-upon-Avon, Saturday October 25th

This quirky and interesting museum is reportedly haunted by over thirty ghosts, and takes on a very different demeanour after nightfall.

Once the home to William Shrieve in the 1500's, this building is reportedly haunted by Willaim Shrieve himself and the rather unpleasant spirit of John Hughes, who in his day was reportedly very fond of murder and rape.  Also present is the spirit of a young girl, who is believed to rearrange the exhibits.

The night will begin with a ghost walk around The Falstaffs Experience, followed by a warming glass of mulled wine before beginning the night’s investigation with full use of the ghost hunting equipment as well as working with mediums and experienced paranormal investigators, taking part in seances, vigils and experiments such as EVP's and trigger objects.


The Falstaffs Experience is on at Falstaff Museum, 40 Sheep Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 6EE on Saturday 25th October at 9pm.  Price is £55 and refreshments will be provided throughout the night.  Click here to book the event in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire, 1st November

Nothing can prepare first-time visitors when they set eyes upon this foreboding building, once they have negotiated the lengthy driveway through the imposing woods. The building almost feels like its watching you - well, certainly the many gargoyles perched around the top of the mansion at any rate. 

Occupying the location of a previous building called Spring Park, originally built in the early 1600's - Woodchester Mansion as we see it today was the idea of William Leigh, who bought the lands back in 1845.

His creation centred on building a gothic mansion house, with Benjamin Bucknall being the main architect. In 1873 William Leigh died and the incomplete mansion house passed down to his son, also called William. Nothing of any significance was done to the property through lack of funding, except the 1894 completion of the Drawing Room for a visit by Cardinal Vaughan - a man of high religious standing.

Woodchester Mansion remained in the Leigh family up until the late 1930's, whereupon it was then sold to the Barnwood Trust - initially to be turned into a mental home.  However, the onset of WWII prevented this from taking place and the place remained empty.  The following years saw American and Canadian troops stationed at the mansion, using the lakes to practice the construction of pontoon bridges in preparation for the D-Day landings.  In 1992 the Woodchester Mansion Trust acquired the property.

Ghosts include the figures of soldiers possibly those stationed here during WWII and victims from an accident said to have occurred at the lake during D-Day landing preparations.  One of the mansions more infamous ghostly inhabitants, the Ragged Dwarf has been seen outside and inside the building. Described as being small and scruffy, looking 'it' has been seen on a number of occasions. The reports of a Roman Centurion seen outside have also been documented.

During the investigation you will get the opportunity to take part in vigils, seances and other paranormal experiments, as well as being able to use some of the equipment commonly utilised during investigations.


This event takes place at The Mansion, Woodchester Park, Nympsfield, GL10 3TS on November 7th from 8.30pm - 4am.  The price is £85 and guest medium is Barrie John.  Find out more.


Hunton Park, Hertfordshire, Friday 14 - 16th November

This ghost hunt with Most Haunted's David Wellls and organised by Dark Encounters, brings you an exclusive weekend of paranormal investigation at a stately home in Hertfordshire.  Your weekend includes two nights accommodation, a welcome dinner on the Friday night with David Wells, food (breakfast on the Saturday and Sunday, lunch on the Saturday and a three course dinner on the Saturday night), five workshops and a paranormal Investigation on the Saturday night. 


This event takes place at Hunton Park, Essex Lane, Hunton Bridge, Watford, WD4 8PN, and costs £255.00.  To book visit the Dark Encounters website.

Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire, Friday 21st November

The ghosts and spirits that roam Tutbury Castle are both tragic and sinister and include Mary Queen of Scots.  The ghost hunt will involve vigils and séances in the most active areas of the Castle, which could be the torture chamber, the King’s bedroom, or the Great Hall. You will have the opportunity to carry out vigils alone or in a group using our up-to-date ghost hunting equipment.


This event takes place at Tutbury Castle, Castle Street, Tutbury, Staffordshire, DE13 9JF from 11pm - 7am and costs £49 per person.   To book visit the Haunted Happenings website.

Over To You

Have you been on a ghost hunt or fright night, or do you run one?  Have you ever experienced the paranormal?  Leave a comment below or share you views with others in the 50connect forums. 

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