Independent launches mini "i" paper

Posted on: 26 October 2010 by Alexander Hay

Independent Newspapers today launched the first new national title in the UK for over ten years.

The paper, called "i", is aimed at young professionals with little or no prior interest in newspapers, or who have stopped buying print news altogether. Intended as a stripped down or junior version of broadsheet title The Independent, also owned by Russian billionaire Alexander Lebedev, "i" is produced by the same editorial staff and shares strong branding links with its elder publication.

On sale for 20p, it hopes to repeat the same success as its sister publication, The London Evening Standard, which more tripled its circulation when it became a freesheet in October of last year to over 600,000 copies a day.

Responses to the launch by the rest of the media were mixed. The Caledonian Mercury accused “i” of being too focussed on a London-based perspective. “Unfortunately, for readers in Scotland, it also suffers from The Independent’s total lack of coverage of anything north of Hadrian’s Wall” said correspondent Hamish Macdonell, though he applauded the boldness of the move.

Roy Greenslade at The Guardian expressed concerns that regular Independent readers might abandon the main paper for its truncated version, but that the former had “been revamped again, to look more upmarket and sober.”

However, Sky News reported a positive response from commuters on the morning of publication, with one saying the new publication "sounded good, because it's short, simple and 20p."

For an in-depth review of the first edition, go to

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