La Clique

Posted on: 12 November 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

An irresistible take on the circus brings spectacular grown-up fun to the West End.

The erotic and the exotic, the devilish and the daring are not the sort of combinations you would expect from the circus but then La Clique at the Hippodrome, Leicester Square, is no traditional big top spectacular but an edgy, wildly funny fusion of cabaret, burlesque, circus sideshow and contemporary vaudeville that has already achieved cult status.

The show opens with a Canadian twosome known as Cabaret Decadanse who present lip-sync puppetry with real flair. The creations which are made from stuffed rags and scraps of metal are long and springy resembling elongated caterpillars with human faces and are brought to vivid life.

La Clique - Cabaret Decadance with Slinky - photo by PerouThis is followed by two pin-striped English Gents, one of whom balances upside down on the other's head while he reads a newspaper in what is a perfect parody of stiff upper lip masculinity.

Other acts include a handsome aquatic acrobat who emerges from a bath and flies over the audience's heads hanging from leather straps, a striptease artiste and magician who makes a handkerchief disappear even when completely naked, a kinky PVC-clad sword-swallower called Miss Behave, a skilful juggler, unicyclist and mischievous leather-clad comedian called Mario Queen of the Circus who also does a fine impersonation of Freddie Mercury and a double jointed contortionist Captain Frodo whose slapstick routine as he squeezes through two tennis rackets is a painful pleasure.

La Clique - Captain Frodo - photo by PerouThis is a show which is impossible to define and impossible to resist. Sexy, seductive, bizarre, beautiful and hilarious by turn, the two-hour spectacular goes by all too quickly and leaves you pining for more. Certainly La Clique offers London the kind of entertainment it has not seen for 40 years!

Laurence Green

Booking until 1st February 2009.

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Photos by Perou

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