Nights In Rodanthe

Posted on: 10 October 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

We review Richard Gere and Diane Lane's latest film.

Nights In Rodanthe stars Diane Lane as Adrienne Willis, a woman with a cheating husband who has asked to come home, and a teenage daughter who resents her every decision.

Adrienne escapes for a weekend to the tiny coastal town of Rodanthe, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, tending a friend's inn. The only guest is troubled Dr. Paul Flanner (Richard Gere). A major storm closes in, and the two turn to each other.

As an old-fashioned 'weepy', the film features a few contrived moments. Lane and Gere look good and just about overcome the rather mediocre script, based on Nicholas Sparks' novel, though it's difficult to build up a real sense of all the relationships when everything happens so quickly.

It is refreshing to watch a romantic drama unfold between adults with 'baggage'. Adrienne and Paul consider their children first, even if doing so means putting their own desires on hold, and there are some positive messages about families, knowing and being true to yourself, and having hope for the future, whatever happens.

The Carolina setting threatens to steal the film. It looks inviting with the sea, sand, and lavishly yet cosily decorated guesthouse interiors.

Nights In Rodanthe does its job - most of the women in the audience left the cinema with a lump in their throat. Accordingly, the trip to the cinema is only really worth it if you're partial to tearjerkers.

Cherry Butler

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