Rekindle your romance this week!

Posted on: 10 August 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

Low on cost, big on benefits...

Yes, there is actually a ‘rekindle romance’ week (I know, what will they come up with next?) but we lurve a bit of romance, so we decided we’d help you along the way with some romantic date night ideas. (On a budget of course.)

We’ve gone for an alfresco theme, so look out for a sunny day and wow your better half with a thoughtful and romantic date – we can already hear those sparks flying!

Go to a drive-thru

This scores highly on nostalgia, after all, who wouldn’t love to snuggle up to their loved one under the stars and watch a good old fashioned romantic movie. Well, we have already done the leg work for you. Simply click through to our article ‘Film: Outdoor summer screenings’ to find an event near you. 

Extra points: Try to pick a film that has a particular meaning to you as a couple, perhaps the first film you ever went to see together.

Moonlit picnic

Have a moonlit picnic

When you’ve got a warm evening, make the most of it by turning your garden into an idyllic picnic spot. Hunt out a bargain hamper and picnic rug, set up some fairylights in the garden and prepare a soundtrack of romantic music. Get the Champagne on ice, prepare some nibbles and give yourself plenty of time to prepare your picnic spot. Presentation is key here as an old sheet on the grass won’t have quite the same effect! The beauty of the garden picnic is easy access to your house, toilet breaks are easy and if it gets too cold you can pop inside, plus, you can’t get done for indecent exposure in your own back garden… or can you?

Extra points: Think carefully about the menu. You don’t have to spend a fortune but a bottle of their favourite wine and their favourite desert in the fridge will make all the difference. 

Go on a first date

You don’t need to be an actor to pull this one off, but you do need a bit of confidence and the ability to laugh at yourselves. 

Organise to meet at a pub or restaurant at a certain time and pretend you’ve never met. Then, speak to each other as if for the first time; ask about each other’s family, discuss your career and university days and tell each other about your favourite holidays. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn, even if you have been married for 25 years. You’ll never know your other half completely and it’s exciting to be reminded of that. At the end of the night you get to walk your date home, but will she be inviting you in for coffee?

Extra points: You could meet at the place you first met, take flowers or get smartly dressed up. Effort is always sexy!

Mix tape

Record a mix tape

OK, maybe we mean a mix CD or playlist on iTunes, but you get the point! Music provides an incredible soundtrack to our lives, so start at the earliest song you remember listening to, move on to the song that became your engagement tune, then through to your first dance, memorable holiday tracks and on to the tunes that get you dancing around the kitchen together now!

Extra points: Burn the playlist onto a CD and print out a special cover, telling that special someone why you picked those songs, and don't forget to clear a spot for dancing!

Are you and your partner still dating? Do you have any tips to keeping a relationship alive and kicking? We'd love to hear them below along with any of your budget date ideas...

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