The Iron Lady – press coverage round up

Posted on: 10 January 2012 by Alexander Hay

Somewhat unsurprisingly, a controversial film about a controversial figure has caused lots of controversy – and done good business at the box office

Iron Maiden can't be fought, Iron Maiden can't be soughtAs our article on the Margaret Thatcher biopic mentioned, The Iron Lady (with added Meryl Streep-i-ness), has divided the critics, with some dazzled by Streep's performance, and others critical of the film itself. But what is the press saying? Fittingly, it's a bit of a mixed bag, much like Thatcher's legacy.

The Independent savours Streep's acting but notes that the film is less about politics and more about Thatcher's own personal dramas, which is a problem as the two were inextricably linked.

The Guardian follows by observing that the film has caused controversy by seeking to humanise the Tories, which may be a step too far for those still bearing the scars from the turbulent 1980s.

The Daily Express suggests this may in fact be the film's strength, revealing a hidden dimension to the milk-snatcher that has not been publicly discussed before.

All of which is good news for the ever-admiring Daily Mail, which reports that the film - no doubt buoyed along by controversy - has been packing them in at the box office.

That hasn't stopped current Prime Minister David Cameron expressing concern on the BBC not about the film, but the timing of its release, what with the subject still being alive and even more stricken by the dementia mentioned in the film.

American critics likewise praise Streep, but are left nonplussed by the film itself. The Oohtray describes the film as a disappointment precisely because it overlooks the political impact of Thatcher's tenure as PM.

And as Television Without Pity argues, the film's refusal to explain just why people are still so divided over her as they were 30 years ago is something that just can't be forgiven.


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