The New Electric Ballroom

Posted on: 28 August 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Sisters obsessed with the past form the nucleus of this 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe production.

I was impressed with Druid’s production of The New Electric Ballroom, at the Traverse, written and directed by Enda Walsh.

Trapped in the years that have passed since their halcyon days at the ballroom of the title, three sisters in a remote fishing village are still obsessed by darker memories of something approaching romance and obsessively re-enact the night when two of them had their hearts broken.

This coiled, dark, glitter-dusted fable of the emotionally stultifying effects of small-town life and how it blights individual lives is a beautifully written, engagingly performed piece of work that establishes Walsh in the forefront of modern playwrights.

By Laurence Green

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