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Posted on: 09 October 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

50connect readers share their top ten movies, and we want to know your favourite films.

Everybody loves a good movie, whether you go to the cinema each week to catch the newest flicks or adore those black and white classics.

During the credit crunch, with winter's cold dark days ahead, getting a DVD is an inexpensive, entertaining and cosy way to spend an evening. Yet with rental websites and online stores offering so much choice, how do you decide what to watch?

We asked you, 50connect readers, for your favourite films. Your top tens provide plenty of inspiration, from action, horror and thrillers to comedy, romance and musicals, foreign films and literary adaptations. Below are some of your lists.

You can share your own top ten movies by leaving a comment below or visiting the 50connect forum.

A top ten is difficult to choose, however in no particular order:

Lassie Come Home - Roddy McDowell version

Goodbye Mr Chips - Robert Donat version

Bride of Frankenstein - Karloff et al

Stagecoach - might as well pick one of John Wayne's many westerns

The Nutty Professor - Jerry Lewis version

Ghost In The Shell - one of the best Anime ever

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Without A Clue - Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley - hilarious

Batman Returns - Michael Keaton made the part his own in this and Danny Devito was plain scary

Hopscotch - possibly the best performance ever by Walter Matthau

David Renfrew

My top ten:

Schindler's List

Michael Collins

Greyfriars Bobby - original version

The House on Garibaldi Street

Dr Zhivago

Mississippi Burning

Cinema Paradiso - Italian film

The Counterfeiters - Austrian/German film

Lawrence of Arabia

Merchant of Venice - Al Pacino

Now that I have retired, I am a regular at our local over 50s cinema shows. What a wonderful way to relax.

James O'Rourke

Top ten?

How about:

Far from the Madding Crowd - Alan Bates and Terence Stamp

The Go Between


Withnail and I


Italian Job - the original obviously

National Lampoon Animal House

Monty Python and The Holy Grail

Women in Love

Sue Sherman

Napoleon - 1927

City Lights

Duck Soup

The Third Man

Singin' in the Rain

Wages of Fear

7 Samurai

North By Northwest


Star Wars

Brian Serpa


Blues Brothers

Some Like It Hot

Pirates of the Caribbean

Lord of the Rings

Holiday Inn

White Christmas

Rear Window

Risky Business

Jazz Singer - Neil Diamond version

Quite varied but depends on what mood I am in.

Spencer Broadley


Sound of Music

Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter


Calamity Jane

The Godfather

Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Lost in Translation

Pirates of the Carribean

Joyce Pell

You can share your own top ten films by leaving a comment below or visiting the 50connect forum.

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