A welcome relief for menopausal symptoms

Posted on: 11 May 2010 by Mark O'haire

Using Femerelle could be the safe and effective lasting treatment for menopausal symptoms you’ve been looking for.

The Victorians thought it drove women mad, while the early Greeks believed it could be cured by applying leeches, but the menopause is a natural part of every woman's life cycle.

Even so, each woman's experience will be different. Some may cruise through it with few problems; others have symptoms so dire as to make life intolerable. Some may feel liberated by stopping having periods; others may be sad that they can no longer get pregnant. The actor Julie Walters described the menopause as an uncomfortable rite of passage.

Menopause treatment

Femarelle is a safe and effective treatment for menopause. Forty-nine-year-old Zoe from Lancashire lives with her husband and two children, Nathan (18) and Jessica (21) and tried the treatment, now available in the UK.

She had her last period 15 months ago and for six months everything seemed fine but then she started to get incredible hot flushes starting at her feet and working their way up to her head.  She found she couldn’t think about anything while it was happening and the flushes came at least six times a day. 

Her night sweats kicked in and she found that her ability to have a good night sleep had completely ceased – Zoe would wake up feeling so hot with her bedclothes absolutely drenched through – she resorted to going to bed with a flannel under her pillow to mop her face. 

Zoe's energy was completely zapped and she hardly had the energy to struggle out of bed in the morning.  Getting through her daily routine at work (she works as a receptionist in a doctors practice) and home required superhuman willpower and worst of all she seemed to be losing her memory. Not usually a person who suffers at all from depression, she began to feel that life was really getting her down and she couldn't cope.

After going to the doctor she was initially given blood tests to check her levels of thyroid stimulating hormone and then to check the female hormones linked to ovulation.  Her tests revealed Zoe's levels were 15 times those of a normally fertile women – she was in the middle of the menopause.

Zoe had already tried several natural alternatives to HRT yet she found black cohosh and red clover, which she took for several months, had little positive effect.

She started to take Femarelle two months ago and has found her night sweats improved, she is not so hot in the morning and sleeping through the night as she is sleeping better with her flushes down from five a day to one or two at most. 

Zoe feels she has more energy and her libido has very much improved – much to her husbands delight.  Her memory and foggy thinking has also increased and her mood is much better – no doubt due to the fact that she is sleeping better and feeling better. She feels that at last the sun is breaking through and lighting up her life and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

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