DIY hair- loss treatments

Posted on: 17 November 2010 by Rhian Mainwaring

As we get older our hair changes in many ways. It might grey, lose it's va-va-voom or like more than a third of European women, start to thin.

Six out of ten females experience hair-loss at some point in their lives and that statistic is regardless of age, so let's put aside the numbers and talk actions.

So, who is most at risk?

  •  Women with stressful lives (juggling career, home and motherhood).
  • Crash dieters (as a result can often have low protein or iron levels which is bad for your locks).
  • Hormone changes (post pregancy or menopause being the most common).
  • Inherited genes (it could be that simple).
  • Illness, ageing or prescribed medicines (if you're experiencing hair-loss as a side effect of medication, consult your GP).

So that must cover pretty much all of us then! Let's talk actions...

  • Don't stress! Easier said than done, but keeping stress levels low is great for your whole body not just your hair.
  • Treat yourself to a head rub. It will improve blood flow to the scalp, wake up all those hair folicles and invigorate your hair boosting it's strength. If you don't fancy a salon, get your partner to give you one, it's a great excuse for a good pamper!
  •  Make sure you have a healthy diet. If your body isn't getting the right vitamins then chances are your hair wont be! Iron and protein are great for your hair so go for plenty of meat, fish, eggs and green leafy vegetables.
  • Use products specifically created for hair loss.

Clynol have also brought out a regime to help tackle hair thinning, so if it's knocking your confidence why not give it a go! It's not as expensive as Cheryl Coles hair extensions, it's as simple as shampooing your hair daily and it has worked for lots of women...

clynol hair-loss set

Shampoo £5.95 from the

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To enter the competition to win an anti hair-loss pack from Clynol click here.

If you have any fashion, beauty or lifestyle dilemmas please email, we might just be able to help!

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