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We are  the UK's largest website for the over 45s. We're sure you will feel at home here, and find inspiration, information and interaction with like-minded people .

We are people who have led relatively blameless lives, have voted in General and Local elections throughout our 50 plus years and now we’ve reached a point where we feel the time has when our age group is heading downhill to a point its voice means very little to our political masters.

As a group, all 20 million of us, we won’t riot, we won’t loot and, on the whole we are peace loving and tend to take the longer view: “It’ll all be alright in the end.”

The fact is that Britain stands at the crossroads. Perhaps the time has come for us to realise that we have influence. We are not powerless, we do have access to the Internet and we can make ourselves heard.


New articles are being uploaded to the site every day and cover a wide variety of topics including pensions, mortgages, retirement, buying a home abroad, travel inspiration, health information, gardening advice, recipes, pet care, interviews with musicians, and much, much more. We want 50connect to be a hub of experience sharing and welcome written submissions from members. 

If you are interested in writing for 50connect, please email [email protected] .

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50connect is a Olderiswiser Media Limited and shares a social tools suite with Olderiswiser.com . Bookmark and Share their own groups, send private messages and upload their own photographs. 50connect and Olderiswiser to make the internet more engaging, fun and rewarding thing to do.  

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