Crafty uses for potpourri

Posted on: 03 June 2020 by 50connect editorial

Bring the smells of summer indoors with these crafty ideas for using potpouri.

pot pouri

The number of people that have discovered the beneficial aspects of potpourri has grown considerably in recent years. While more and more shops are selling potpourri, many people do not use it to its full potential. The majority of people are content to just pour a few petals into a bowl and leave it there until all the fragrance has gone. There is so much more that you can do with potpourri, just take a look at some of these great ideas;

1. Sachets for your drawers and clothes chests are a great way to keep things smelling fresh or just keep away moths.

2. Use potpourri in your candle crafting. Roll candles coating the outside in lavender, rose petals, cinnamon sticks, or pressed leaves or incorporate potpourri into your candles by adding a mix while the wax is still hot.

3. Herbal Pillows are easy to make and can actually help someone to fall asleep or have good dreams.

4. Use potpourri in your soap crafting. Adding particular flowers can even help certain skin conditions. Make an extremely fragrant soap by adding lavender or roses. Make a healing soap by using chamomile flowers. Soften your skin using Calendula flowers. Cleanse your skin with the astringent qualities of rosemary. Sage in soap is considered an antibacterial. Use a combination of flowers and herbs to create your favorite soap.

5. Use potpourri to decorate homemade paper. Adding flowers and herbs to homemade paper makes it both eye appealing and interesting.

6. Make a pomander. These can be used to freshen up a hallway, bathroom, bedroom or closet. They also make great Holiday gifts that are easy and inexpensive to make. Use miniature roses and a beautifully colored ribbon or make a more traditional pomander using an orange, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon.

7. Decorate a frame. This works well on photo frames or mirror frames. Using a hot glue gun add flowers to completely fill in the frame area. You can purchase a cheap photo or mirror frame from your local supermarket or gift shop, the cheaper the better because nobody is going to see it. You will cover it in beautiful flowers.

8. Simmer potpourri on the stove. This is especially effective at parties and holiday gatherings to help create that festive mood. Everyone will love the smell of your home.

9. Finally, the easiest way to use potpourri is to simply enjoy it in a favorite dish in any room of your house. Refresh with fragrance oils as needed.

By Vandy Moore

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