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Posted on: 21 January 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

Celebrity stylist Jason Cocking of swanky London salon, Lisa Shepherd offers his tips on hair-care over 40!

Jason haircare 50connectHaving settled into a comfy chair, and after the standard weather chat, Jason got straight down to business with the main afflictions of ageing hair.

“You’re likely to suffer from one of two things as you age, thinning or coarse hair” and with that Jason launched into the at home guide for thickening lank hair and moisturising coarse roots.


“A really good hair cut is key when the hair starts to thin. Getting shorter cuts gives an impression of thicker hair while leaving hair long and uncut will look unhealthy and lacklustre. Jaw length styles are great for defining the chin and jawline and will create more definition in the face. It’s important to get a good stylist, discuss with them what you’d like and what your hair is like naturally as well as how much time you spend on styling. There’s no point getting a high maintenance cut when you spend little to no time on grooming!”

After the cut there’s plenty of things you can do at home to stop hair loss, here’s Jason’s top tips on at home care…

  • Supplements. You can buy specific vitamins for hair health.
  • Pillows. Silk pillows will stop your hair getting snagged and falling out, and they feel lovely!
  • Hair brush. Grandma knows best on this one, as natural bristles like the Mason Pearson hairbrushes are best for brittle hair.
  • Don’t over comb. Hair is more likely to snap when it’s wet so avoid over combing after the bath.

Did you know: You normally loose around 100 hairs a day and most come out in the bath or shower. If you don’t wash your hair for three days, then nearly 300 will come out in the next wash!

Coarse Hair

“As we get older our hair can get a lot coarser, almost pubic around the hairline in some cases and the main factor is moisture. Your skin needs more moisturising as you get older to keep it’s elasticity as does your hair. So moisturise, moisturise, moisturise…”

And here’s how…
If you dye your hair then go for the Clynol Age Expertise. Grey hair is dead, like a skeleton and dry, so most hair dyes will sit on the surface and not penetrate the shaft. This dye gets right in there and stays put, giving a strong all over tone and leaving the hair healthy.

Moisturise! Hair masks are a great thing to get into. Use one once or twice a week and make it part of your luxury bath routine.

DIY do’s and don’t’s

Apply an at home hair dye all over the head. If you need a root touch up then just apply to the roots and water down the shaft of the hair. Otherwise you end up with darker tips than roots!

Straighten your hair if it’s coarse and frizzy, but use a heat protection spray.

Use henna treatments. Most salon or shop bought dyes won’t go over the top of them, so if you don’t like it you’ll be stuck with it until it grows out.

Invest. Some products are just worth having!  The O is a genius piece of kit. Heated rollers than take seconds to heat up and give piles of volume and curl. If you use curlers on a daily or weekly basis I would definitely recommend these, so easy to use and a great result, I wish I could have slipped it in my bag. Take advantage of the late Christmas offer, the full kit for £199.99 from Cloud Nine.

Think grey hair automatically needs to be dyed. Grey can look fantastic if it’s the right shade on the right skin tone and usually the best treatment is highlights and low lights to create texture and depth. Grey hair is a lot more fashionable than it was, so embrace it!

Invest in a dry shampoo. These little miracle workers freshen up your hair without having to wash it, and you can now buy colour specific products. Great for a weekend away without a hairdryer!

Lisa Shepherd salon LondonIf you'd like to get the VIP treatment you can head to a Lisa Shepherd salon near you, check out their website.

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