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Posted on: 25 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

An innovative anti-age system using folic acid, protects the skin's DNA.

An innovative anti-age system using folic acid, protects the skin's DNA.

Skin’s firmness decreases, existing wrinkles deepen and new ones appear once we reach our forties. To help reduce this, the new NIVEA Visage DNAge Cell Renewal Anti-Age System innovatively uses a formula with folic acid plus creatine advanced technology, which has a patent pending.

Folic acid is a B vitamin that supports healthy skin cell development and helps build DNA, which is why it's an essential pregnancy supplement. Unfortunately folic acid is fragile and degrades under the influence of sunlight - but now for the first time, after years of research, NIVEA Visage scientists have stabilised this vital ingredient in a range of products for use directly on the skin where it can support cell renewal for improved skin vitality. The range works by protecting the cell division process from damage caused by external influences such as sunlight and pollution.

Each individual cell in the human body contains DNA - the genetic code of life. Every day, billions of cells divide in order to regenerate. During cell division, the entire DNA needs to be duplicated. However, as we age, cell damage becomes more common and the ability of cells to constantly renew themselves and the DNA within is reduced. After age 40, this decline is more marked.

Now with cell active folic acid, this replication process can get a little extra support. Applied directly to the skin, NIVEA Visage DNAge can reduce skin cell damage, by protecting the cells as they regenerate.

The dynamic new NIVEA Visage DNAge Cell Renewal Anti-Age System uses a groundbreaking and powerful combination of cellular active folic acid and creatine. Creatine is the skin’s own sustnce that gives cells new energy. Bringing both ingredients together in one formula has the dualeffect of supporting cell renewal and helping to protect skin cells’ DNA, for an intensive action against premature skin ageing.

NIVEA Visage has shown that DNAge is ideal for use by women in the 40 to 55 age bracket where their skin will benefit from the cell active ingredients due to the skin’s loss of elasticity and firmness at this stage in life. The care system contains special Day, Night, and Eye creams. With regular use of the anti-ageing system the skin appears firmer and revitalised and there is a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving skin a new lease of life.

NIVEA Visage DNAge Cell Renewal Day Cream supplies day long moisture and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated, making it the perfect base for make-up. It also contains SPF 15 light filter system with enhanced UVA protection.

NIVEA Visage DNAge Cell Renewal Night Cream uses nourishing, intensive moisturisers to support natural skin regeneration overnight. Apply before bedtime and after thoroughly cleansing your face, for noticeably firmer skin in the morning.

NIVEA Visage DNAge Cell Renewal Eye Cream contains mineral light-protection filters giving effective defence against environmental factors where it is needed most, at the vulnerable and sensitive eye area. The mild caring formula specifically reduces puffiness around the eyes, as well as reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Compatibility tests are approved by a dermatologist and an ophthalmologist and the product is declared suitable for wearers of contact lenses.

All products in the DNAge System are priced at £14.99 in all good chemists and supermarkets nationwide.

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