Beauty On A Budget

Posted on: 07 November 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

A top make-up artist reveals which products are worth spending pounds on, and which you can pick up for pence.

Beauty On A BudgetWe all want to look our best, but the credit crunch means most of us cannot afford the cosmetic brands we would like. We asked top make-up artist Maggie Hunt for her advice on which products are worth splashing out on, and which you can get away with buying on a budget.

Maggie explains that it's not necessary to spend a lot to get quality cosmetics.

"If you are a good shopper and you understand make-up then you can get good cheap products which you can mix in with the more expensive ones. It's a matter of shopping around."

"It's probably best to go for the ranges - people like Boots Number 7 or Bourgeois. Lancome is another company that cater for the over 50 age range."

Here are Maggie's tips for the best brands to blow your budget on:


You can get great mascaras that are not too expensive in the cheaper ranges. You don't need to spend a lot of money on mascara or eye pencils.

MAC are good for eyeshadow. It's a reasonable price and you get great colours and different textures.


You can get good reasonably priced lipliners and lip glosses. Bourgeois for example have some great lip glosses and lipsticks in good colours as well.

Though I use a lot of Chanel products because they have some really pretty lip glosses and lipsticks.


Chanel have some very good foundations. Something like Vitalumiere by Chanel is a really nice, good foundation product, as long as you haven't got very high colour with broken veins or acne.

Everybody knows Touch Eclat by Yves St Laurent which is effective for shadows under the eyes.

You don't need to spend a lot of money on face power.


Nars has a great blusher. You just want a nice rosy colour. The Multiples by Nars are very good to use, because they are in a stick form, with attractive blusher tones. There's one called Cocoa Cabana which is an effective highlighter for the browbone and cheekbones. Then in the same range there are pens from bronze through to deeper colours plus soft blusher tones as well and those look really pretty on the cheeks.

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