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Posted on: 17 June 2013 by France Baudet

France Baudet's tips for simply beautiful looking, healthy nails with polish that doesn’t peel or smudge. Step forward gel nails

Biosculpture gel nail treatmentManicures have always been a popular treatment.  We use our hands to express ourselves and polished nails infer someone who takes good care of themselves. But nails in 2013 have been taken to a new level with the catwalks in fashion weeks from Milan to New York featuring models with exotically decorated nails. For the rest of us though what we want is simply beautiful looking, healthy nails with polish that doesn’t peel or smudge. Step forward gel nails.

Gel nails are a step up from the traditional manicure and involve a beautician applying layers of gel to the natural nail and it then being cured under a UV lamp.  Unlike acrylic nails, gel nails aren’t a nail extension and are as long as your original nail. Nor do they damage your nails, in fact gel nails can strengthen weak nails.  Gel nails provide a professional, glossy finish and their durability means they can last for up to three weeks, ideal for women in a hurry or for going on holiday. I am a total addict.  

Beauty tips of the month for 50+ skin

  1. Summer is approaching, all be it slowly, and just because there are clouds in the sky does not mean the harmful UVA rays cannot break through. These rays cause the skin to toughen and wrinkles to develop so make sure you are always using a light sunscreen to protect yourself even if it is cloudy.
  2. As we age our lips tend to become thinner, so choose a lighter lipstick which will appear softer against your skin tone and more flattering on your lips.
  3. If you want permanent results to reverse the look of sun spots, or to soften lines and wrinkles try an IPL treatment which uses light technology to rejuvenate skin effectively. 

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