Eco-friendly Make-Up

Posted on: 25 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Who needs nasty chemicals in their make-up? Be healthier and environmentally friendly with these alternatives.

Just like we've all come round to the idea of 'you are what you eat', we are now starting to pay as much attention to what goes on our bodies as what goes in them. After all, our bodies actually absorb the components in cosmetic products so we can either feed our skin and hair junk food or a natural, organic diet.

So for a healthier, eco-friendly alternative, choose make-up from companies such as those below which use natural, organic produce.

There are many cosmetics companies which have now jumped on the 'organic' bandwagon, but to help you battle through the minefield of products available online, we have handpicked one of the best products from each company.

The Organic Make Up Company All Natural Foundation

The Organic Makeup Company offers long lasting, gorgeous products which perform as well as conventional cosmetics.

Devoted to researching and developing all natural skin care and make-up, the Organic Makeup Company adheres to stringent guidelines by using Certified Organic herbs and plants and the purest, highest quality ingredients, creating cosmetics with no synthetic or petroleum derived ingredients or irradiated herbs and plants, not using GMO ingredients when a non-gmo alternative is available, manufacturing with the highest standards of microbiological safety and practicing environmental and ethical business practices, manufacturing goods without the use of animal byproducts or animal testing and offering Vegan options by using plant waxes to replace beeswax at the consumer's request.

Create a flawless looking finish using this gentle sheer and light foundation, priced £7.57. Made only from high quality organic and all natural ingredients, that not only helps you look your best, but also moisturises your skin at the same time.

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Spirit Of Nature Nail Polish

This range of skin-friendly cosmetics contain gentle natural plant oils and organic ingredients protect the skin whilst leaving you looking radiant.

The Nail Polish (£8.50) is hypoallergenic and free from Formaldehyde and other toxic substances. Fast drying and long lasting. Choose from cool red, shiny aubergine, shiny gold, shiny pearl, shiny red, shiny rose or transparent.

The natural Nail Hardener (£8.50) protects and strengthens weak nails. Made from naturally occurring crystals.

The Nail Polish Remover (£5.95) contains bio-alcohol - much kinder to the skin and nails than conventional nail polish remover.

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Sante Eye Shadow Powder

With these finely textured powders, you can emphasise, model and subtly colour your eye area. Rich in certified organic jojoba and chamomile extract, olive and essential oils that care for sensitive skin. Made with certified asbestos-free Talc, this product is gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

Sante cosmetics do not use any nano-refined particles, not even coated ones, so these ingredients cannot penetrate your skin.

Priced at £13, there is a small applicator brush is housed inside the screw top lid. Choose from Sky, Terracotta and Verde.

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Mother Earth Avocado Organic Cleansing Oil

Oil has been used by many cultures as a facial cleanser by generations of women. Mother Earth's Avocado Organic Cleansing Oil is an special extra rich oil formulation for use as a cleanser and to help repair mature skin.

Avocado oil and sweet almond oil are blended with comfrey as the allantoin it contains helps to repair skin cells. This ensures that this oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to enrich your skin. It also removes make-up.

This therapeutic cleanser contains a unique blend of rose absolute, lavender and frankincense essential oils to help emotionally, which in turn will help the appearance of the skin.

It costs £20. Mother Earth Rosewater Toner (£18) and Avocado Night Cream (£25) are also available for total holistic skin care.

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