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Posted on: 23 July 2018 by 50connect editorial

There's no denying it, we are slaves to the summer sun! And, we continue to make the same mistakes regarding skin and haircare every year. If you want to avoid ageing your skin prematurely, make this summer different.

summer beauty tips for over 50s

There's no need to wilt in hot holiday weather - our beauty tips from head to toe will keep you looking and feeling good this summer.


Get your ends trimmed - if they are spilt they will only be damaged further. If you've been considering a shorter cut now is a great time.

Use a nourishing treatment to condition your hair before your holiday.

Wherever you are, consider using a UV protection spray. As well as drying your hair out, sun can affect its colour. Of course the best thing is to wear a hat or scarf.

If you've never used it, you will find that a leave-in conditioner is a great help preventing your hair drying out, especially on the beach. To help keep your hair neat and protected, if your hair is long, try a bun, or if your hair is short, you can use a styling product.

Consider carrying a bottle of water - that's free from damaging chlorine and salt - to rinse your hair after swimming.

After being in the sun or on the beach, your hair will be damaged, so try to avoid blowdrying because it will exacerbate these effects.

sunglasses protect eyes from glare


Protect your eyes with sunglasses. As well as preserving your sight, they will stop the delicate skin around the eye being exposed to the sun.

Choose cosmetics that have SPF and if you are swimming go for waterproof. Because make-up melts, an alternative is to go to a salon for semi permanent eye and lip liner, or apply lash extensions.

protect your skin from the sun


It's never too late to start taking care of your skin and protecting it from sun, the number one cause of ageing. You probably need to apply about twice as much suncream as you think - and reapply every couple of hours. Even waterproof suncream can disappear due to swimming and sweating. You can still be burnt on cloudy days, and the risk is greater at higher altitude.

If you have suncream left from last year, it will still work, but its SPF drops.

It's common to have little red bumps called keratosis pilaris. This is due to blocked hair follicles. You can help reduce the dead skin build up by moisturising, and using products containing alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs - but don't scrub or exfoliate hard because this will only irritate the skin further.

keeping your feet in top condition throughout summer


To avoid thin strappy shoes cutting in to your feet, gel products from ranges such as Scholl's Party Feet now come in slingback and strap cushioned strips.

Avoid rubbing and smelly feet by alternating pairs of shoes. A great excuse to go shopping! Stick on liners that absorb sweat are also available, and you can apply an antiperspirant before putting on your shoes.

Stop your nails turning yellow from dark varnish by using a base coat first before painting your toes. Apply top coat to protect your paint job against the sand and stones.

Combat dry nails with a nail oil.

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