Natural hair care 

Posted on: 25 March 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Do you feel ripped off by modern shampoos and hair care products? Why not go au naturale?

They say that the condition of your hair reflects your state of mind, but what did people do to keep their hair looking good before all these manufactured hair care products existed?  Before the bottled products which we all rely on so much, people used infusions of herbs to rinse through their hair.  

Why not try some of these natural herbal remedies to help increase the vitality and condition of your hair.

Infusion basics

To make an infusion use 2-3 teaspoons of dried herbs or 3-4 teaspoons if your herbs are fresh.  Add this to a regular sized cup of boiling water, cover and leave for about ten minutes or more.  Do not use any synthetic material to cover the cup like foil or cling film.  Use a small plate or saucer.  Infusions tend to turn bitter if left for more than ten minutes, but since you are rinsing your hair with the concoction and not drinking it, this will not be problem!  Even so do not make more than twelve hours in advance.

Hair & Herbs

These herbs are more than likely found in your own or friends herb garden.

Lavender can revive dull life less hair adding shine and a satin feel.  It's scent is soothing and relaxing and will aid insomnia.  Lavender also helps headaches, nausea and anxiety.    

Sage was used in the middle ages to help combat grey hair.  It may be no coincidence that medical studies have shown that sage can help menopausal symptoms. 

Nettles were partly popular in the Victorian period as a conditioner.  They add strength and shine to dry hair.

Lemongrass conditions the hair.  It is a general antiseptic and is good for headaches, fevers and flus.

Chamomile enhances fair hair and is a god choice if you want to brighten up greying hair colour.  If you cannot find any fresh or dried chamomile The Body Shop has a natural chamomile hair colourant.



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